More Adventures in Catsitting

I have been asked to cat sit again. Three cats, 14, 5 and 2 years old. Sounds familiar. My cats are 12, 7 and 3. In fact, Sammy looks a lot like Percy don't you think?

Milo is the baby of the family. He has the softest coat and he is very sweet. Yesterday he didn't eat much but today he was fine.

Lexi is the eldest of the brood. She is all white and she has two different color eyes. She is a love bug and like my Molly, she growls at the boys if they get too close.

Birdwatching is a favorite pastime in this household and why not?  The house is located on a hill surrounded by trees and birds.

Lexi enjoys the window too, when she's not rubbing her face on the perch her Daddy made for her.
Lexi, the birds are outside the window not in the house! The chirping is so loud you might think the birds were inside.

The kitties' backyard is an oasis from the rat race. Repurposed items decorate the garden.

Look at this arbor. It has seating for two. A neighbor was throwing it out so my friend got it for free. It certainly fits that spot perfectly.

The neighborhood is filled with colorful Victorians and well manicured lawns. Talk about pride of ownership!

I snapped this quickly as the UPS truck was about to spoil my shot. Also it was starting to rain quite heavily.

And this is where Lexi, Sammy and Milo live. They are allowed outside but just in the yard. But not on my watch. I already told them they would have to stay in until Momma gets home. The weather has been cold and rainy anyway.

This was taken on Monday. The last day we had sun I think. The morning light was beautiful in the yard.

Hopefully, the weather will improve but regardless I look forward to seeing those cute kitty faces again tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said…
Such a wonderful clowder of kitties!! And, what a beautiful house! It is beginning to rain here, finally...Our garden welcomed it with open arms. ~ Donna =)
Deb said…
I'm glad you are enjoying being a cat-sitter. I love it, too and look forward to meeting new clients again this week. Your photos are great and I love the homes in this neighbourhood. Beautiful!
Anne said…
Beautiful cats. Marmalade, our cat, wont share her home with any others so we only have her. I wonder how you manage to get 3 cats to live together in peace?
They are so sweet! I gravitate towards Lexi. She looks like she has personality plus. What a nice neighborhood. I'm sure the owners are very appreciative of your help, Elaine!
They are adorable & full of personality!
Donna said…
What cute kitties you have to cat-sit for - and what a beautiful house! I love that 2 seated arbor! Have a great weekend!

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