Spring 2014 Bucket List

This photo was taken in 2010. It reminds me of England but I actually took this shot next door to my favorite breakfast spot, Aroma Café in Reading, Massachusetts.  Anyway I think it is perfect for a post about Spring.

Each season I put pen to paper and make a list of things I want to do that season. I never complete everything on the list but it's fun to dream. If I don't complete my list I don't beat myself up. I just keep it in mind for the future.

So here it is, in no particular order, my 2014 Spring Bucket List:

1. Visit the new Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. With more than 30 food trucks and a fantastically artistic new carousel I need to check it out!

2.  Daytrip to Exeter, New Hampshire. The always fabulous Art n Tiques shop and a german iced coffee are calling to me.

3. An afternoon in Nantasket. I want to photograph the carousel at Paragon Park, play skeeball in the arcade, and eat lunch at Strawberry Fair in Norwell. Have you ever had strawberry butter? One word, Divine.

4.  Attend and photograph the Bedford Polecapping Ceremony in April. I previously blogged about this event here. It is really something to see historical reenactments. I am so lucky to live in an area where so much of our country's history took place.

5.  Attend a camera show and an antiques show in Wakefield. It's great when towns so close to my hometown have cool events.

6. Investigate antique stores in Cambridge, specifically European Country Antiques . Oh yeah, they had me at "Browse our collection of English, French and Irish Antique Country Furnishings."

7. Daytrip to Providence and a visit to The Duck and Bunny A Snuggery.

Hmm, looks like a lot of eating in my future and I am planning on dieting this Spring. Oh well, everything in moderation, right?


WendyBee said…
This post is soooo inspiring. I have considered a Bucket list, but it seemed a bit overwhelming. It never occurred to break it down a little and take it a season at a time. I think I am going to do this too. I 'm just up the coast a little in Maine, and was raised in Pembroke, MA (just a town over from Norwell), so much of your list covers relatively familiar territory. What a great post!
Julia said…
Me encanta tu bloc ha sido un placer visitarlo, te invito a mi blog, y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.
Alice Wingerden said…
Hope you get to do all the great things on your list!
I like your list, Elaine! I didn't even know Nantasket existed! Looks like I need to make a trip there this summer. Maybe if you come up to Exeter we can meet up. Of course I work every week-end so it probably won't work.

Is that your kitchen in the header image?

Donna said…
Great Spring Bucket List! I haven't even thought that far ahead, so you're light years ahead of me already! Baby bats at Mr. J's tail or head when he walks by her when she's on a chair or the coffee table. If she's on ground level, she'll sniff him and then run off. I think she's a bit leery of him, although she certainly doesn't need to be because he's a little lover! Enjoy this warmer weather!!!

MsGraysea said…
I just love your bucket list! Nantasket is wonderful. I grew up in Hanover and I rode that carousel so often as a child, and still go back to ride it often. Love Strawberry Faire, too. Enjoy!

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