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As a Board Member of the local Chamber of Commerce, I am supposed to volunteer my time.  Some of our Board Members work on the finance committee or conduct membership drives. I photograph events for the Chamber.

Yesterday, there was a ribbon cutting, ho hum! Not the most exciting thing to photograph. Usually a handful of people show up, all related to the new business owner. I am sure it is momentous for them and of course I am happy they are starting a new venture but, for me, it's basically photographing a lineup.

I got everyone assembled on the front steps. This is a yoga studio and inside was not really an option once I saw the number of people to be in the photo. I took the traditional photo. I always take several shots at pretty much the same angle. People blink, move, talk and everyone needs to look good in a photo for the newspaper. For example, someone has her eyes closed in the first row in the photo above.

Next, the woman has opened her eyes, I can see the new business owner looks good, the Mayor is in the shot, oops the little girl in purple looks angry.

I notice I can't see everyone. I ask people to move. Some do, some don't. It's Friday afternoon, I want to go home and they want to party I'm sure.

Yay, the little girl has moved. Now the scissors are closed. We probably want them to be open.

Oh great, now I notice the woman in the back has sun rays coming out of her head.

Oh, I decide to back onto the street so I  can use my zoom. I close in but not enough and the bush to the right is bothering me. Well, that can be cropped.

The Mayor decided to speak. I love to hear the Mayor speak. He has a way with words and he is inspiring. He is down to earth and genuine and completely supportive of his City's businesses and of the Chamber.

I decided to keep snapping as he was speaking. I was watching everyone listen to his speech about Joy, the business owner. It was really inspiring. Joy has built quite the business in Melrose. She runs a boot camp in Melrose and now a yoga and wellness studio. She is a true entrepreneur.

Some people are still aware of the camera and others are not. Interesting. Maybe I will get the shot I really want.

Joy, the blonde wearing gray, is surrounded by the people who care about her most and they are here to support her in her new business. She was beaming. She photographed well in every shot. Her happiness was shining through.

I zoom in closer, hoping to get a few nice candids. People are not focused on the camera, this is good

And there it is. The happy business owner, the applause by the crowd, the movement of the hands. Proud mama in the blue on the left, lady in the back with a fantastic expression of happiness on her face and the sweet smile of the woman in black holding the ribbon.  Yes, some people are not totally visible but this shot is the money shot. This is the shot that captures the joy of a business opening. This is the shot I envisioned. Snap, I got it!


Salmagundi said…
Great shot and explanation. I have such a hard time taking pictures of my grandkids - I must remember to just keep shooting!!! Sally
You nailed it! I don't have the confidence to do something like this, but with the wedding and this...I hope word gets around (if you like it of course). What happened to everyone looking at the camera and saying cheese? It really does work! And some simple instructions like clasp your hands in front of you and then everyone looks uniform.

How I know how many shots it takes to get a good/decent photo! Good for you that you finally got what you wanted, and I think you are right in saying the the final one, when no one was looking at the camera except for the new business owner, is the best. I think my favorite photos of people are when they are not trying to pose!

Thank you so much for coming over to visit. I am thrilled to be in a publication and now part of the writing team. There is much to learn, but it sure is nice to finally see a chance to do what I've been wanting to do for a long time!

Happy ALMOST spring! Anita
Fete et Fleur said…
Love it! Photographing groups is always terrifying to me. I love how the last shot came out. It's warm inviting and very natural. You captured the perfect moment.

Thanks so much for visiting me. I have been very off the blogging radar for a while now.

Chris said…
Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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