Memories of Ireland

In 1996 my Dad and I took a trip to Ireland. My Dad had turned 70 that year. He said, "I want to see Ireland before I croak". 

My Mom and sister stayed home. Dad and I took the grand tour. Galway, Dublin, Ring of Kerry, Belfast.  We stayed in a wonderful B&B and made friends with our tour group. Dad was excited to golf in Ireland and I met a longtime Irish pen pal.

Dad has travelled back to Ireland since that trip. Maybe I will go back sometime too. I have fond memories of the Emerald Isle.

Wishing everyone a Happy St Patrick's Day!


I went in 1985 with my two brothers and my sister-in-law and we had a blast! I'd love to go back, but this time with my husband, who by the way, can get Irish citizenship!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Donna said…
Oh, how wonderful! I'd love to visit Ireland some day. Your dad is adorable! And I love the Martha's Vineyard Black Dog t-shirt!
I think it's so great that your dad is still visiting Ireland. How lucky you were to go with him back then! It's a dream of mine.

Love the picture of your kitchen in your header. You really have such a pretty home...I like your taste!

WendyBee said…
How fortunate to have such lovely memories of visiting Ireland -- must be the Luck of the Irish? HaHa.
I hope I can make the trip someday, what a blessing.

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