I can be a little showy

It's hard for me to define my decorating style . I guess maybe it's Estate Sale Chic. I do know I am a bit showy.

This crystally lamp on the dining room mantel has a lot of bling to it. The lamp is small so the bling is tolerable.

The base of the blingy lamp is very decorative. I like the base as much as the crystal tendrils.

Here's the entire lamp. I bought it from an antique store and I thought it just needed a new bulb. It actually needed work on the plug. My Dad was able to fix it so it wasn't a major problem.

Here's a close-up of the front of the mantel. I've mentioned before that it needs a paint job.  Looks like someone had tried to distress it and they did a poor job.

The vintage frame is also ornate and a little shabby. Just how I like it.

On my nightstand, there is a lamp with a marble base. It's topped by a fraying lampshade that has beading on it, I believe it is from the 1940's. The little telephone table turned nightstand was a $10 yard sale find. it is chippy chic. Someday I might make it a little less shabby/chippy.

And let's not forget the little nightlight with the feather trim that stands proud above my caffeination station. Many nights it is the only illumination in my kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed the mini house tour. I'm happy to say not a single cat photobombed any of my photos. That has to be a first!


I LOVE THE LAMP! I am totally showy, but in certain areas. I love a big statement chandelier, but around that, I love simple. I guess I enjoy having a focal point, and letting it be center stage! It is a lovely lamp, and so is your mantle!

I just noticed that you came to visit and you left a message on my older post! Thank you so much....such kind words! Enjoy your spring; we are having snow. Can ya believe that?

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