Tea sampling from a samovar

I'm just catching up on some activities of the past weeks. I follow Jolie Tea Company on Facebook and recently they posted that they were having a tea tasting of their Doctor Zhivago blend. They were pouring the tea from a samovar. Unfortunately, I only found out about the event the day before and I had a few things to do the day of the tasting. I had to miss it.

A few weeks later, they posted that they were going to have a tasting of their Russian Caravan tea from a samovar in honor of the Sochi Olympics. I made a point to visit the shop for that sampling.

I met the shop's owner and she was delightful. I love her enthusiasm and passion for tea. I told her I wished I could have been there for the Doctor Zhivago blend sampling but I had been busy that day and there was also a snow storm that day.  She said yes, it had snowed and it was magical and so perfect to have a snowfall during the tea tasting.

I really enjoyed my cup of Russian Caravan. It was not as strong or smoky as I anticipated.

My trip to the shop was right before Valentine's Day so there were many romance related items for sale. I bought a hostess gift for the Cupid's tea here.

I love all the little pretties in the shop. It is all so beautifully displayed and there is always something new that catches my eye. The staff is attentive but not intrusive. You could say they let you drink it all in at your leisure.

I bought a small pouch of Dr. Zhivago blend. I have a non working samovar, perhaps I will take a photo of it with the tea and a favorite teacup.

It's fun to see all the different blends they offer. Some have such nice names. I want to try them all!

I think next time I will buy a sample size of the Winter Solstice. I have a feeling Winter is not leaving these parts anytime soon.

I love browsing the tea book section. I have a few of the Vintage Tea Party books. They have such adorable illustrations in them.

I always have such a nice time when I go to Jolie Tea Company. If you're in the area, stop by. Maybe you'll get to drink from the samovar too!


WendyBee said…
What a lovely little shop!
This is my first visit to your blog, and I am thrilled to find you, as I am always enthusiastic to find fellow New England bloggers with similar interests. I am in Maine, but was raised in Massachusetts.
I look forward to more pretty posts.

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