Shipping out of Boston - a family gathering

Saturday afternoon was warm, like 50 degrees warm. A sunshiny spectacular day. It was a perfect day for a family gathering.

My cousin Beth, her husband Dana, and their children moved to their new home in January. This could have been a housewarming party but it was actually a gathering to wish my cousin Colin well  Tomorrow he joins the US Marine Corps.

The appetizers from the caterer Saltbox Farm of Concord were delicious. We had mini blts, shrimp and flatbreads.

Here's the full menu. So many delectable dishes. I had a sample of each.

I ate this so fast I did not even notice it was a braised lamb flatbread. I can tell you it was very good.

Our chef got straight to work on the pasta. I always like to watch a chef cook. They do it all with such ease.

Dana and my Uncle Al were deep in conversation. My Aunt was unable to make the trip down from Maine.

Here's my Uncle Al and my Dad.

And meet the newest member of Beth and Dana's family, Bailey. I instantly fell in love. She is very rambunctious but hey, she's a puppy. She likes to chew- everything!

Beth's son, Brian, took Bailey out on the deck to burn off some energy. She posed for me. Good Dog Bailey!

She really is adorable! I believe she is going to get quite big when she grows up.

The girls, Megan, Amy and Beth, got an update on my Aunt's health.

Megan is Beth's daughter and Amy is Beth's sister and Colin's mother. It is hard for me to believe that Amy has a son old enough to join the military.

Here's my Dad with my cousin David, everyone thinks they look amazingly alike.

There's Sean, Amy's oldest son with my cousin Tommy.

More cousins, Bobby, and Tommy's son Mark and Bailey of course.

Tommy and Amy are brother and sister.

Beth was able to calm Bailey enough so she behaved for the rest of the party. Beth says she is the dog whisperer. Sure seems like it!

 Here's the next generation of cousins. They are my second cousins. Brian, our soon to be Marine Colin, Megan and Sean. Brian and Megan are brother/sister and Colin and Sean are brothers.

Ha, ha I caught them before they were prepared for the photo. Amy was insistent that Sean take the toothpick out of his mouth.

Megan in her new kitchen. How I love a white kitchen! And the size of that island is about the size of the kitchen in my condo.

Time to make the scallops. One of my favorite dishes. When I go out for dinner, I often order scallops.

I think this is the shrimp brochette. It was delicious.

Tommy holds court.

Nice kitchen, great food.

Mother and son have a chat

Sean and Dad have a conversation.

Dave and Mark are watching a golf app. I come from a family of extreme golf enthusiasts.


Heather is Tommy's wife. Bobby is Tommy's brother.

Father and daughter had dessert at their own private table with a view. Right now the view is snow. It's going to take a while for all that snow to melt.

Bailey was amused at Bobby's snow shoveling technique.

Dana and Megan enjoying their desserts.

I forgot to mention that the desserts were an apple tart and chocolate cake. Both were good but the apple tart was perfection!!

The parting brothers shot. Sean is seated and Colin is standing. Colin is starting the next exciting phase of his life. His family will miss him. They are already making plans to see him in June. Godspeed Colin.


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Elaine
Looks like a wonderful family celebration and fabulous new home. Just look at the size of that kitchen!

Bailey is a beauty, what a sweet dog but I bet he is a handful pup.

Thanks for popping by and the lovely comment. Merry Xmas to you too he he xxx julie

Salmagundi said…
Great post! I love when bloggers chronicle family life. Your wonderful pictures sure do that. Sally
Elaine, there are so many wonderful things about this post it's difficult to tell you what I enjoyed the most.

But I do want to tell you but I wish Colin all the best!
Michelle said…
What a nice gathering! Beautiful family as well! Wishing Colin all the best. :) xo
Donna said…
Elaine, God bless Colin. You must all be so very proud of him. My husband served as a Marine during the Vietnam War era. Semper Fi, Colin.

What a beautiful family, what a handsome dog, and what a gorgeous house! Wow!!!!! It looks like you all had a fabulous time.


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