Photographing The Norton Affair - My first wedding shoot

When our server at the Aroma Café asked me if I would be her wedding photographer I laughed.
"Oh I can't." I said, " I've never photographed a wedding!" Then she told me the wedding would be small, only about 40 people and so I reluctantly agreed.

This was a DIY wedding for sure. The bride had a vision of a rustic wedding and she was going to create it herself.

The tables were made from wood pallets that she picked up at a construction company. She filed in the open spaces with more wood, The burlap placemats were made by a friend,

Lace curtain panels were used to cover chairs that were purchased from a local church.

The event, dubbed The Norton Affair, had so many special touches. Glass carafes were filled with candy and goldfish crackers.

This was one of the earliest shots I took. I was testing out my flash. I have to say when I entered the space I was awestruck. The ceremony and reception took place in a warehouse. The space was totally transformed with twinkle lights, lace, candlelight and greenery. It was magical.

A lovely tribute was set up with old photos of family members. Those who had long ago passed  were remembered on this special day.

The bride loved this quote and made this board. There was no seating plan So guests made some new friends.

There were so many little details and vignettes. I literally took 1000 photos!

When all the candles were lit it was absolutely breathtaking and so romantic. The bride brought many home décor items from her home.

The sweets table looked festive and delicious. Birdcages, mini trees, and ornate cakestands were unique items adding to an adorable vignette. Cookies made by the bride were placed in apothecary jars and handed out as favors.

The wedding took place shortly after Christmas so there were a few Christmas trees on the tables. Can you tell these ornaments were made from toilet paper rolls? So clever!

The bar was illuminated beautifully and pitchers of sangria were pretty and plentiful.

The bride's daughter was dressed in lace and cowboy boots. Many of the guests wore jeans and cowboy hats.

The bride was escorted to the ceremony by her two sons. I loved her dress and shawl. She wore cowboy boots too.

The bride is the nanny of the sweet ringbearer. He was good at his job and so happy to perform.

The arch was created by wrapping a garden trellis in white lights, vines and tuille.

He put the ring on her finger and then it was official. They became Mr. and Mrs. Norton.

Of course the bride made her bouquet.  My sister said she had better not throw it because she could hurt someone. The bouquet was made from the bride's collection of rhinestone pins.

We all toasted the happy couple.
This was definitely a modern day wedding

You can see how much these two love each other.

I just love the facial expressions in this shot.

Here's the happy couple!

The Nortons had these wine glasses made specially for the wedding.

At the end of the night things turned violent as big brother beat up on his little brother. Only kidding! They were just getting a little crazy. That is a ping pong paddle. Yes, there was a ping pong table on the premises.

 The cake was sophisticated with just the right amount of bling. Love the ribbons.

The bride's daughter sang a few tunes. She has a beautiful voice.

Time to cut the cake. The groom did not want to do the formal feed each other cake ritual.

Here's the fabulous brooch bouquet.

As the guests were leaving, they had their photos taken with this prop. Cute idea!

A tender moment.

A better view of the cake.

The cake stand consisted of two cable spools purchased from Craigslist.

Her boots say I Do and his say Me Too. His words wore off. Probably due to the torrential rain that night. It was definitely a dark and stormy night.

Once I got over my initial nerves, I actually had a great time photographing the wedding. I did exactly as the bride instructed me to do. Do what you do.

Now on to the photo book!


I know you must have been so flattered when you were asked to photograph the wedding. From looking at a sampling of your pictures, you did a fabulous job and this was one terrific wedding. I think many brides are really coming up with original ideas to customize their weddings. I couldn't believe all the cute things Emily found on Etsy.

I love the picture frame for the photos, everyone wearing their cowboy boots, the cute tables and the cake was beautiful. I hope you got a piece! You did a great job!

Unknown said…
You did such a great job and this looks like such a fun wedding. Love that it was really so personal & intimate. Congrats on such a job well done Ms Photographer!

Donna said…
Oh, gosh, Elaine - what a fabulous wedding! So personal with all the fabulous details and handmade touches. I love the bride's bouquet! And I love that the wedding was called The Norton Affair. I just love everything about it! Your pictures are fabulous. They will be a wonderful reminder of this special day for years to come. To the happy bride and groom!
I have tears in my eyes! TRULY, I DO!! I am so happy for this couple, and they do look so happy! And like this bride,I too, 32 years ago, decided and really had no choice, to do things myself. It turned out to be a family affair, and my Latino family made homemade Mexican food while my husband's Puerto-Rican family added a stunning addition to the menu. 32 years late, we couldn't have asked for a more joyous celebration.

I just love the cowboy boot look and to see the bride escorted by her sons just makes my heart leap.. Bless them, forever!

And thank you so much for coming by to visit! Have a wondrous February, and I so hope you do not have as much snow as we do....WOW, did we get socked! Anita
What a beautiful, charming a d heartfelt wedding! You were very brave to photograph it, but then you are an excellent photographer and the photos came out lovely!

I love the "I Do" boots!
Michelle said…
Oh Elaine...the photographs are LOVELY!! What a magical evening...I love the picture of the boots at the end and that candelabra! Great job!!

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