At home with the kitties

It was so nice to have a 3 day weekend! I did not do a heck of a lot but I did get to relax. I did some cleaning and a couple loads of laundry today but mostly I relaxed with the kitties.

In fact, I did not go out at all except for tonight when I went to see my Mom at the nursing home. It was great to catch up on my reading,

It's funny, whenever I am in the living room I sit on the sofa. So Molly found it extremely strange that I was sitting in the chair by the window. She had to walk behind and look over my shoulder.

Perhaps placing this lamp by the chair was not the best idea I ever had. How long will it take her to pull all the trim off the lamp? She certainly seems intrigued.
Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend. Looking forward to the next one in February.


Deb said…
I think Molly just knew how beautiful she would look in that light. Be a good girl, Molly. :)
It's the best company? I didn't about this weekend either!
Bet you were happy mom was home
Anonymous said…
Boy, cats don't miss a trick do they…anything (or anyone) out of the ordinary they have to check out! Three day weekends are the best!
Michelle said…
I wish I had it off to spend with my kitties. Molly is so adorable!
It's nice to have this three day weekend in January to break it up a bit. I'm glad you got to just chill at home and I bet the kitties had a great time having you around!! :)

Martha said…
I always enjoyed the three day January weekends!

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