Right out of a Currier and Ives painting

We had a snowstorm Saturday night into Sunday morning and the timing of it made it impossible to photograph the action. It was just too dark to get good photos. So  I was bound and determined to get some snow shots during today's storm.

It was after 4:00 in the afternoon so the light of day was fading. I drove by our town common and it looked magical. I knew I had to stop and take a few shots from my phone's camera.

The scene before me, the gazebo, Christmas lights, a steady snow, were perfect ingredients for my own Currier and Ives "painting".

In Summer, this little patch of green space is host to community concerts, kids playing frisbee, and dog walkers.

I am not sure why there are not more lights on the trees on the common perhaps funding is an issue. Isn't it always?

Never mind about the lack of lights, it was pure magic to me today. My town has never looked so pretty.

I got back in my car before pulling away and heading home, literally a two minute drive away.

But then I saw the Congregational Church, the subject of many of my Winter in Stoneham photographs. I had to get one more photo of the church in the bluish light of Winter.

And of course, a parting shot of the Fire Station. The Firemen are in for a long night. I have already seen several fire trucks and ambulances drive by my condo this evening. Beautiful and sometimes treacherous Mother Nature at work.


Salmagundi said…
Absolutely beautiful photos! Worth the stop any day. Sally
Now that is a beautiful winter scene
Cathy said…
Lovely, indeed! What is the name of this little town?
It's not to often we have big snow storms right before Christmas. But when we do it sure is magical!!!
Oh, lovely, lovely New England my dear. How I have the fondest memories of having my first SNOWY Christmas there, in Rockport, and seeing Santa come in on a LOBSTA BOAT! tehehehehehehehehe oh the fun!

Your area is gorgeous, just like I remember where I lived as well in Beverly and South Hamilton.

Thank you so much for coming to visit and yes, those were my little drawings. I don't have much time to create GREAT drawings but I was able to at least try to convey my message with little paper cut outs....

Donna said…
Gorgeous, Elaine! I've grumbled about the timing of the storms, too. If we're going to get socked in by snow, I want the storms during the day so I can watch the snow falling. They've been starting too close to dusk, leaving me feeling cheated!

I'm so glad you enjoyed my movie of Baby at the tree! She's been very naughty this year, so I hope Santa hasn't been watching!!

My daughter was heartbroken when I told her about the tea room in Harvard Square closing. She's been there several times and loves it.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Elaine!!!


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