Cat Nanny, A New Profession

For the fourth time this year, I have a cat sitting job. So I think I have a new profession. I am the  cat nanny.

My latest charges are Bing and Bartley, 5 year old brothers who are rescue cats. Bing is pictured above. His name was Bingo originally. Now he answers to Bing.

The kitty on the right is Bartley. He is a big, lovable boy and the most talkative one. He kind of reminds me of Oscar. Oscar is a chatty boy too.

Barley can look very stately when he poses in one of the living room chairs.

He can also be very silly. He loves to do somersaults on the kitchen floor and he is often standing on just his hind legs.

Bing is funny too. He's much more shy. He did warm up to me pretty quickly and he is very sweet.

The nice thing about this assignment is they live right upstairs from me. Yes, Bing and Bartley are my neighbors.

I am enjoying my new profession. It would be nice to do this full time but highly unlikely. Their Mommy returns on Friday night, but until I have to say goodbye I am enjoying the company of Bing and Bartley.


Hope Santa brings you extra toys since you are doing such a fine job
Fete et Fleur said…
How fun! My SIL is a professional pet sitter for dogs and cats. She loves it! They are too adorable.

You know of my deep affection for kitties! I wished I had someone like you to tend to my kitty while we travel. My son looks after her right now (and does a great job), but(someday) when he moves she'll need someone just like you to be her nanny.
I love their antics!

Sweet wishes.

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