A holiday tea in Harvard Square

On Sunday, I visited Harvard Square in Cambridge for an afternoon tea with friends. I love to go to Harvard Square during the Christmas season. Usually, I stop at Burdick's for a hot chocolate but on this day it was all about the tea.

Upstairs on the Square has eclectic décor. I love it's funky style and vibrant colors. It just makes me smile. What doesn't make me smile is the fact that it is closing it's doors on December 31st. So you can see why it was important that my friends and I go there for one last tea.

The food is and was wonderful there. We all had plenty to eat. There were the following tea sandwiches: chicken salad, ham salad, egg salad, and salmon. We then had a scone, a cheese biscuit and a mini quiche.

For dessert we had a lemon tart, date nut bread. red velvet cupcake, chocolate éclair, and two other chocolate and hazelnut treats. Again, the food was delicious!

I organized the event and I had the window seat with a lovely view of a historic home and a pretty wreath. I was definitely in a Christmas mood.
 It was fun to see all the little girls in their Sunday best dresses. They all looked so adorable.

We sat in the room surrounded b windows and it was a little chilly. I took some photos of the interior rooms. I especially liked this fireplace.

As the sun began to set, the lights outside were much more noticeable. I wished we had more time to explore. I am going to have to make a trip back there before the end of the holiday season and this time I'll stop at Burdick's and wave goodbye to the magnificent Upstairs on the Square.


Marina in Blue said…
What a charming post! That's the way of enjoying life. Congratulations
OH THAT NEW ENGLAND MANTLE! YES! How I remember my days in Mass. during Christmas; it was a childhood dream come true to have snow, to celebrate around a real fire in an old house with good friends from all over the world.

Dear one, your header is so special with the charming Christmas articles, and your day at Harvard Square (how we used to frequent that area) is so lovely.

Thank you for coming to visit and you too love the Christmas Canon? Isn't it MOVING?

Have a super day out in Boston. Anita
What a lovely spot! I love how you discover these uniquely NE spots!
What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with sweet friends, not to mention the scrumptious food and desserts. It's always nice to set time aside to enjoy time away,especially during this Christmas season, where time and days can become hectic.

I want to thank you for stopping by for a visit. I had to take an uninvited hiatus from blogging when Alaska airline stole my laptop. I really didn't care about the computer, it was losing all my family photos and videos that was so extremely disappointing. It took longer than I'd suspected to find a new Windows 7 laptop.

I missed everyone and it's so nice to be welcomed back by friends like you.

Sweet wishes,
Eileen said…
Oh, wow, this looks wonderful! I just LOVE afternoon tea. All the goodies look so delicious.
Unknown said…
Oh no I'm heartbroken Upstairs on then Square has closed. It was definitely one of my fav spots - the decor so amazingly fun/beautiful and the food just yummy! So sad, but I'm so glad you got to enjoy one last hurrah there for the holiday.


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