Autumn daytrip- Beverly and Hamilton

I have another catsitting assignment. The lovely Miss Tiger Lily is under my care for a few days. She lives in a gorgeous home. Here is the view from the dining room. The trees are still colorful around here. I love it!

Before deciding how to spend my day, I spent some time feeding and cuddling with Tiger.

It was Veteran's Day and so no work for me. I did not go to a parade but I certainly thought about our veterans today. My Father is a World War II veteran. He joined  the Navy at age 17 and I am very proud of him.

I decided to take a spontaneous daytrip to the North Shore. I wanted to go back to the Jolie Tea Shop to replenish my tea stash. My friend Debbi accompanied me.

We started with lunch at the Weathervane Tavern in Hamilton. Debbi had been there before. Cute from the outside.

The interior of the Tavern was cozy and comfortable. It was clearly a local hangout. There were not many tables in the place but we found a seat. It was late lunchtime.

Here's the dining area. Rustic decor. A very casual, unstuffy atmosphere. I had the baked haddock and salad. Debbi had the veggie wrap and we split a side order of sweet potato fries. It was all yummy.

The tea shop was closed. So we decided to take a ride to Beverly. The area was so beautiful and the trees were still colorful. A ride along the North Shore is the perfect thing to do on a day off.

We really had no destination in mind. I remembered visiting a cute shop called Sweetwater & Company last year and I knew it was in the area so out came the GPS and we were off to Beverly Farms. We found it!

It was just as cute as I remembered. Don't you love the pumpkin in the urn? It looks so pretty with the bittersweet draping around it.

Debbi loves swans. She photographs them in Melrose all the time so the minute I spied this sign I called her attention to it.

The Cygnet Restaurant was charming on the outside. I loved the choice of colors and the sign of course.

I opened the door so we could check it out. Simply gorgeous! Small sofas at some of the tables. Elegant but comfortable.

We checked out the menu and saw there were swan and cygnet sizes for some of the entrees.

The reception area  was decorated with pet photos. I will definitely have to try this place in the future.

We planned to go for a coffee later in the day so we found a bakery called Half Baked.We thought it would be a good place for coffee and dessert. It wasn't open but I just had to take a photo of this sign in their window.

As is my norm, I found a kitty to talk to. I do attract cats don't I? This big kitty came right over to us then went to the yoga studio where I presumed he/she belonged.

We were still searching for a coffee shop but the ocean beckoned. Yes it was chilly and windy but the sun was starting to set and it was oh so beautiful. This was the view from Lynch Park in Beverly.

The sky was dramatic. I told Debbi it's too bad I have to work and miss sunsets most days.

So on the way to the beach/ocean, I spotted a velvet sofa at the side of the road.  I have a gift for spotting roadside treasures. I pointed the sofa out to Debbi but then I said never mind we won't stop.

On the way back from the ocean, I decided to stop and take a look. We walked up to it. Well, there's no place to sit on this sofa! But isn't it magnificent? The sign stated it was not free. The seller wanted $50 for it. I took a look around the back of it. Cat scratched. I laughed out loud. I am quite familiar with cat scratched sofas.

I had to pass it up but I still think it was pretty. Debbi thinks I am a lunatic for even stopping. Perhaps I am.

One last look at the beautiful velvet sofa with no seating. I wonder how much it would cost to reupholster it?

Well, we finally found a local coffee place. Atomic Cafe on Cabot Street in Beverly did not disappoint. Debbi had the mocha chai latte. It looked spectacular.

I had a cappuccino and a ginger molasses cookie. The cookie was huge, perfectly chewy, and intensely flavorful. I knew when I looked at it that it would be delicious. It had those deep cracks in it and sugar you can see on the top. So yummy!

I drove Debbi back to her house and then I went back to give Tiger Lily her evening meal and her daily dose of lovins.

I had a perfectly wonderful day.


Anonymous said…
The saying" The earth without art is just eh?" Couldn't be more true! Lovely post, thanks so much for sharing! Home For Handmade
You will not believe this; I lived in South Hamilton and Beverly for 11 years! We lived on Lathrop and Ives right across from this beach park you are sharing, and we lived at Gordon Conwell Seminary in S. Hamilton for seven years! One year was spent in Rockport, our first year! Oh my, I remember THE TAVERN, but the other shops I don't recall! A trip back in 2008 to Boston University where my husband earned his Ph.D and walked through the graduation line was quite eye-opening; so much had changed! Swampscott was totally different and built-up and our beloved Marblehead haunts (The King's Rook Pub and Much-Ado Bookshop) were all gone. But the ocean, the old homes from the 1600s and the memories were still there.

Thank you my dear for your visit, and thank you for this lovely page of my history. Anita
Kay Ellen said…
oh my!! So many wonderful places you visited...
Looks wonderful:))) my FAV~~~looove the RED settee~~~designer coffee and fun shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving Elaine!!
Kay Ellen

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