Live event painting for a holiday wedding

Just wanted to share with you another one of my sister's wedding paintings. As most of you know, my sister is a live event painter which means she paints the goings on in front of her at a wedding or special event.

She starts the painting at the wedding and finishes it at her studio. This particular wedding I attended too. I took the reference photos for the painting. See my prior blogpost with the photos by clicking here . It was a New Year's Eve Wedding.

We were high up in one of the opera boxes and had an aerial view of the wedding, a location far different from all my sister's other paintings. I took tons pf photos as reference.

I took many photos of the bride and groom dancing as the client almost always want their first dance in the painting.

Here they are, the bride and groom, Caroline and Charlie. My sister even put the wedding photographer in the painting.

The family is usually included in the painting as well. So I took many frames of this group. The parents and siblings of the happy couple.

And here's the artistic interpretation of the moment. It fascinates me to see how much work my sister puts into each section of the painting. Making sure it all fits together so it is visually pleasing.

It's funny how one moment in time can be captured like this. A few people are smiling, one is looking down.

The chandeliers in the ballroom at the Boston's Park Plaza Hotel were spectacular.

I think their beauty was captured in the painting as were all the architectural details of the ballroom.

And there you have it. Many, many weeks of work and endless hours of tweaking the painting to get it just right. I think this is my favorite painting so far. The bride's mother told my sister she "absolutely captured" some of the background people without even knowing them. Cool stuff.

If you live in the New England area and would like to inquire about a live event painting for an upcoming event, please contact me at .


Grammy Goodwill said…
That is an amazing painting. What a gift your sister has, to be able to paint like that. I'm sure the bride and groom will treasure that forever.
Salmagundi said…
I always enjoy seeing your sister's event paintings. They are such a wonderful keepsake for the couple. I don't know of anyone in this area that does event paintings -- what a great concept. Happy Thanksgiving weekend. Sally
Eva said…
Ooh, love seeing how your sister's live event painting came to completion - so neat. We had a live event painter -- -- at our wedding and it was so awesome. I'm thinking of hiring her again for an upcoming non-profit fundraiser I'm helping to plan.

Thanks for sharing this!

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