A Touch of Autumn

When it's time to decorate for Fall I always take out my old magazines and look through them for inspiration.

It's fun to shop your own house for decorations. Or maybe even the backyard. I was planning to go with a neutral palate. Perhaps I have read one too many Jeanne D'Arc magazines lately.

I brought out the velvet pumpkins and the Fall wreath.  It looked boring. So I added a strand of battery operated twinkle lights I had tucked away for Christmas and voila just the right amount of bling it needed!

I picked up this little Fall wreath and decided to put it around a flameless candle. The brown transferware gravy boat finished the vignette.

 I looked to see what Fall touches I might add to this corner of my kitchen. I decided it did not need anything more. It has a lot going on already . It's good to know when to say when.

Percy for once was staying out of my way as I put a few decorations in place.

But then of course, he had to photobomb my shot. I knew he wanted his coffee. Yes, he is a caffeine addict. He gets high on the smell of coffee. He has tried numerous times to snag a sip of coffee. Luckily he has not and never will succeed. He's wired enough!

I had a great weekend. I decorated, spent time with the kitties, did a daytrip to Hamilton and another one to Concord. I'll post about all my adventures throughout the week so don't forget to check in often.


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Elaine
As usual Percy cracks me up. He still has a bit of the kitten about him rather than the big grown up boy he should be!

Hope you are enjoying your fall looks like we're in for a stinker if a summer this way. Take care xxx Julie
You always make your house so attractive during the holidays, Elaine! I'm sure the kitties approve ; )
Salmagundi said…
I need to get out all of my Mary Englebreit magazines and spend a day looking through them. Your little touches of Fall look great. Sally
Robin Larkspur said…
That Percy!What a sweetie. Love your fall touches. And I adore that brown transferware gravy boat.
Enjoy October!
Pearl Maple said…
A beautiful post full of the delights of the season, fall and thanksgiving have always been my favourite time of the year

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