The Vintage Bazaar, Salisbury, Massachusetts

The emu greeted us at the entrance to the Vintage Bazaar and he/she had a lot to say.  Probably because there was a lot going on at the Vintage Bazaar.  There was much to see and we had only a few hours to see 130 + vendors. Obviously, we weren't going to get to everyone.

It was a little cool in the morning so it was perfect for shopping. The grass was a bit wet but I didn't mind. Later in the day it was much warmer.

The displays were first rate. I have never seen such beautifully merchandised spaces in my life. Everyone had such unique booths. They were pure eye candy.

I told this woman I was giving her the best booth award. Her booth stood out from the sea of canopies. Anyone who adds a chandelier to their booth is tops in my book.

See the chandelier? Not only was the display great, the jewelry was lovely too. Nicely done.

Ooh, I really liked that chalkboard in the silver frame! Of course it caught my eye, I have a chalkboard obsession.

I love this. Christina calls herself a Treasurer Broker. Wouldn't that be a great job? I might just have the qualifications.

Wish I could have taken this home. It made me laugh and many others chuckled too.

This woman had  the Asylum sign in her both. She sold some wonderful soaps and she gave me a free sample. It was called sleeping angels. Smells heavenly!

We stopped by the Buttermilk Baking company tent for some molasses cookies. They were delicious and I will be visiting their shop in Newburyport soon. Lovely people too.

These dogs were so cute! The older dog led the puppy. The puppy obediently had the older dog's leash in his mouth. The two of them were adorable and they were never going to be separated.

Another great display. Nice sign at the booth's entrance. I enjoyed speaking to the ladies in this booth.

Loved the coasters and the drawers holding them. Very unique and practical.

Pauline Gould does absolutely beautiful work with crochet and knitting.  The colors she uses are fantastic!

My sister modeled the mittens that I eventually purchased. They are so soft! I love fingerless gloves and mittens for Winter Photography. Keeps my whole hand from getting cold.

Pauline was more than happy to model her work for us. I loved the scarfs too. Pauline has an etsy shop too  in case you were wondering.

This woman was a sweetheart. She did wonderful artwork inspired by vintage children's books. Lots of kitties in her pieces so of course I was interested.

Here is one of her pieces. So adorable! Lovely frame too. She had quite the selection.

I stopped by Pop and Circumstance's booth. Becky was enjoying her first Vintage Bazaar as a vendor.

Of course I had to buy a few of these cute "tea" spoons! They will make great package toppers.

I really, really wanted to bring this little cabinet home but I didn't. It was in great condition.Looking at the photo now, I wish I had purchased it. It would look great in my new office which is still unfinished.

What a great space! The vendors really went all out at this fair. The name of the shop is Bohemian Cottage. I am sure I will do business with them at some point. After all, I loved everything in the booth.

What a cool bench! I was thinking this would be great in my dining room at one side of the table. Have you ever seen that in a magazine? One side is a bench and the other side is chairs.

There were so many nice things in this booth. I wish I had more time to look but I had to leave to go home for an appointment.

Such lovely linens. The vendor had a beautiful selection of pretties. I could have dropped a bundle at this bouth given more time.

I think this dress form is a sister to my Vivienne. My dressform is more into clothes. This one is clearly into jewelry. This vendor, Sand, Sea, and Steam had the most innovative displays.

I love steampunk so this was right up my alley. And the vendor was the nicest young woman. A real joy to speak to. She is so passionate about her work. And as I said her displays were phenomenal.

My friend Diane is a painter. She had a fabulous display of her work. You may remember her as my cat Oscar's foster Mom.

Diane sold cards too. I love her artwork and someday I will own one of her paintings.

This vendor was busy and you can see why.  She had great salvage pieces. I almost went for the spindles.

Ir was a perfect Fall day and my first exposure to The Vintage Bazaar. I am sure it will not be my last.


Val said…
Wow, what a wonderful bazaar. Looks like a great day for it too.

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