Susan Branch book signing- Sandwich, Massachusetts

The main reason I chose to visit Sandwich, Massachusetts in August was because Susan Branch was doing a book signing there. Susan had tweeted that she was going to be signing her new book, A Fine Romance, on Martha's Vineyard August 15th and 17th.  As much as I wanted to go to the Vineyard for one of the signings, I knew I couldn't. The 15th is/was my Sister's birthday and the 17th was the date of a big birthday party I was throwing for her. So those dates were out.

I am a follower of Susan on Twitter so I tweeted to her asking if she had any other signings scheduled for Massachusetts. Susan tweeted back to me that she was going to be at Titcomb's Bookstore on August 19th. I googled Titcomb's and found out it was in Sandwich. The next day I made a call to Titcomb's and purchased two tickets. Vicky (the owner) told me the tickets she was putting aside for me had a low number, meaning we would be one of the first people to meet Susan. The excitement began to build. I made our reservations for the Belfry Inne and waited anxiously for the day to arrive.

The event was held at the Sandwich Town Hall, a beautiful and historic building. Inside, it looked like every seat was filled. Susan has many fans in the New England, after all she lives on Martha's Vineyard.

My sister and I got in line to purchase books and calendars.  That is where we met Wendy. Wendy had come alone to the book signing and I started chatting with her. She wasn't as familiar with Susan Branch as I was so I started to fill her in. She was excited to meet Susan too. I snapped this photo of Wendy and my sister.

I invited Wendy to sit with us as we had seats in the front row. We got there early and I wanted the best spot for taking photos. So we chose seats at the end of the first row.

As you can see, the Town Hall was filled with Susan's fans or girlfriends as she calls them.

Susan arrived on time and quickly engaged her audience. She decided to read some excerpts from her book. She showed us Petey, a toy her husband received as a boy.

Susan kept a journal of her trip and this journal turned into her newest book, A Fine Romance. She gave us a sneak peek. 

She wrote in her journal every day and she also added photos and drawings to it. The real journal looked like the printed book right down to the handwriting. Yes, the book is beautifully handwritten!

She held the journal up for everyone to see. I wished I had been sitting right in front of her instead of to the side.
Susan took questions as well. She was as sweet as she looks. Not at all impressed with herself.

She did not limit the number of items she would sign for each person. I was hoping she would sign three for me. A book, a calendar for my friend Kim and my Autumn cookbook.

Here she is signing the cookbook. She was interested in each person and she chatted with everyone. Amazing really.

She signed a few items for my sister too. I think one might be a gift for someone.

Susan's book contained recipes of course and the refreshments were made of Susan's recipes.

The cookies were absolutely delicious. I thought this was a nice touch.

While we all enjoyed refreshments, Susan was still signing books. She made sure everyone got their time with her.

She even posed for photos with some of her adoring fans, young and old.

I spied Joe (Susan's husband) taking photos from the balcony during Susan's talk. Then he came downstairs. I saw he had the journal in his hands so I asked if I could see it.

He flipped through the pages and let me snap some photos. He likes to stay in the background he told me.

I'm so glad I called for tickets earlier in the month. I would have been very disappointed to see a sold out sign.

It was time for an early dinner after the book signing. I asked my sister if she minded if I invited Wendy to dine with us. She thought it was a great idea. Wendy accepted the invitation and we decided to walk to the Daniel Webster Inn. We passed a small home with a beautiful garden. I wanted to live there.

This house was pink on the front and was also quite charming. The houses on Main Street were a nice manageable and unfussy size.

The weather was fantastic for outside dining. Not too hot or too cool. We practically had the patio to ourselves.

We all ordered the same thing. Pan seared scallops, half order. None of us wanted leftovers because where do you put leftovers when you are on vacation?

I do believe my meal is smiling at me. I loved the presentation. Compliments to the chef.

Here's the menu. You can read about our pan bronzed scallops if you like.

We all had the petite treats desserts. Wendy and I chose mudpies and my sister had a chai
tea crème brulee. She said it was the best she ever had.

I was in my happy place by the end of the day. A book signing and meeting with someone I admire, making a new friend in Wendy, and ending the day with a delicious dinner. And this was the first day of vacation. It was perfect!


I loved to read this account of your meeting Susan...with all the before & after filled in too! It sounds like a wonderful time. So happy you got to meet her & made a new friend too, always a good thing! A Fine Romance feels very personal to me, as I'm actually in it ( those were my cookies you ate!!) & I love to check how it and the big tour are coming along! Sending many good wishes from rainy England this morning...x
Susan Branch said…
And me too, thank you Chatelaine! It was so fun to see everything from your point of view! I'm glad you came! Sending you the same good wishes from sunny Chicago this morning! xoxo
Chatelaine, thank you for sharing your memories and photos of Susan's talk in Sandwich. We are so blessed not only by Susan but her Girlfriends as well!
So happy for you that you got to meet Susan in yet another beautiful setting :-) I love Sandwich, and had stopped there on my way home from the Vineyard. Took photos of the same houses you did too! Wonderful memories.
Thank you for this lovely post- I love to follow our sweet Susan on her tour via Internet! Such a joy seeing her through everyone's eyes! I've loved her for years and keep all of her original Willard's, books, notes, and everything else as treasures! I love all the houses in these beautiful towns- our own versions of "boxes of chocolates" as in England :) Thank you for sharing this wonderful visit!
Sara1025 said…
What a wonderful account of a lovely experience that included a best friend (your sister), a new friend, and a forever friend, Susan. I am relatively new to her work but was privileged to attend her book signing in Goshen, Indiana. After devouring "A Fine Romance" and purchasing and reading several other of her books, I can understand your enthusiasm for all things Susan Branch. (I even offered myself up for adoption and/or to be a nanny for Petey, and might have been serious were it not more my little grandsons!) Thanks again for sharing your experiences in Sandwich, Mass. It was quite lovely!
- Sara McKeefer -
Wow! What a great post! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment:). I went to college with a young man from Sandwich, Mass so it was fun to see pics from there. I look forward to visiting again!

Since you like to read please visit my other BlogSpot for my novel, Truer Words:).


Robin Larkspur said…
Sorry I missed this post when you first put it up! I have been following Susan Branch on her website, shewrites a wonderful blog there. I went with her on her trip to England(she blogged regularly while she was there) and I was able to pre-order "A Fine Romance" before it was even published. It is a beautiful book and I am so green with envy that you got to meet her. She didn't come through Syracuse unfortunately. And look, wow, she commented on your blog!

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