Breakfast with the koalas

I can cross one more item off my Summer Bucket list. Today I went with my sister for Breakfast with the Koalas at the Stone Zoo. The koalas are only in town for the Summer.

When I saw the event listed online I hesitated before signing up. I thought it was probably a kid's event. I am glad I took the chance.

We had a continental breakfast with bagels, muffins and donuts and fruit plus OJ, water and coffee.

Then we learned about the two koalas on loan from the San Diego Zoo, Meet Milo and Thackory, the traveling koalas. They get along with each other when they are enjoying the fresh air outside but they have to be separated when they are inside the Zoo. They might fight. So they each have their own space.

Nancy, an employee at Zoo New England, told us that koala bears sleep up to 20 hours a day and their diet consists of one thing, eucalyptus leaves.

My sister made a koala bear out of her breakfast. She is never off duty as an artist!

And I got crafty too. I joined the kids in making a koala mask. I have no idea why this photo has stripes. I assure you I did not put stripes on my koala.

We thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast at the Zoo. And I overheard that there is going to be a reindeer breakfast later in the year!


Oh what fun! What a great opportunity to see something you wouldn't normally see!
Sea Angels said…
What amazing characters and how fabulous to see them up close and real xx
Hugs Lynn xxx
Deborah said…
They are adorable!
What a great day and to see these little beauties made it more wonderful!
They look so cuddly ;)

All my heart,
Deborah xo
Elaine said…
They really were fun to watch!!
Elaine said…
I just had to take advantage. I could not believe they were coming to my honetown.
Elaine said…
They were beyond cute. Wish I could have held one.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a lot of fun! I've always wanted to hold one!
Elaine said…
Yes it was a unique experience for sure!

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