Yellow Chair Market

Last year my sister bought this table off Craigslist. The seller did not have a store so my sister picked the table up at the woman's home in Melrose. Since I went to the house with my sister I got to see all the cool stuff in the home.

The seller, Amy, has a business called Yellow Chair Market and she describes herself as a picker. She is an architect by day.  She repurposes and refinishes items and turns them into beautiful pieces of furniture and home décor.

I bought a coffee table from her that I absolutely love. It's a trunk that Amy painted in a harlequin pattern and she added small industrial wheels on the bottom. It is a great addition to my living room.

  We recently learned that Amy and her family are leaving New England and moving to North Carolina. This is sad news. I could always look at her website and just pick up the items in the next town from me.

Recently, my sister called Amy to put aside this cool crate turned table for her. A vintage crate atop sewing machine table legs. It is really unique.

Amy's husband and little daughter delivered it to my home since they were dropping off some benches to me. Percy appreciated Amy's talent.

Amy had a yard sale last weekend. Of course, I went to it but I was very late. So I missed most of the good stuff. She had more in the house so she let me see it. I spied two bench/bookcases on her porch and asked if she was selling them. They looked a bit like some benches I was eyeing in the Pottery Barn catalog. She agreed to sell them to me for $20. a bench.

They make a perfect windowseat in the dining room. Oscar took to it immediately.  I love the storage underneath.

 Amy included other things with the benches. Three wicker baskets, three boxes, a wire basket, and a pillow. These benches are so much nicer than Pottery Barn's and Pottery Barn benches are $349 a bench.

Percy had to try it out too. I put his blanket on the bench because he tends to scratch anything that is wood.

I think I'll put the second bench downstairs in my office. I can use some storage for my work supplies. Decorating my home office has been a project on the back burner for a year. It's time to stop procrastinating.
If you want to check out Yellow Chair Market click the link here


Salmagundi said…
The benches are perfect and what a steal! Is it hot there? Starting the dog days of summer here in Colorado. Sally
Hi Elaine, nice score on the benches! They look like they were custom made for your spot!

What a great website too! Too bad she's leaving!

I'm looking forward to seeing your home office reveal!

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