Money well spent

My friend Jeanne was having a garage/yard sale this weekend.  I was trying to gather some items to sell as well but I never got my act together. I set up a table at her sale but quickly realized I had just a few small items to sell and I would rather be shopping the sale then standing behind my table. I made $1.25.

This garage is on her investment property. It has a tin roof.  Jeanne's husband thinks it is a fire trap but Jeanne and I love it.

You have to admit, it is really cool. Jeanne and I have the same decorating style so I knew I would end up buying a lot at her sale.
When I spied this beauty in the garage I knew I wanted her. I wasn't thrilled with the hot pink velvet cushions or the black trim. It is dramatic but not my colors. The more I looked at her the more I began to talk myself out of it. I walked away. Then I came back and I sat on her. Very comfortable by the way. She also was the perfect size for my small rooms.
I looked at her from every angle. She was in good condition. I liked her contrasting fabric too.
Well, she was kind of lonely sitting at the front of the driveway and then Jeanne said she would give me the friend's discount. She said, "$30.00". I said, "Sold!".

Her son loaded her into the truck, drove her to my house and brought her in for me. Such service!

Now I'm thinking she may go in the office. Originally I was thinking the living room but now I think she would be better in the office. The office is a work in progress. It needs to be cleared out as it is currently a storage space in my basement. A heated, air conditioned storage space. What a waste of a room! I have procrastinated cleaning out the office for an entire year, shame on me!

I think the prospect of decorating the office has given me a reason to clean up the space. Stay tuned!


Salmagundi said…
Love it! Can't wait to see where you end up putting it. Sally
I spotted the window first! Oh, I'd love to have been there and bought that. I like the couch a lot! The color is pretty bright and if it were mine, I would let that color be the focus of the space with everything else somewhat neutral. I can't wait to see what you do! Fantastic find!

Mom wants a few of those things
Benny & Lily
Anonymous said…
If we lived closer, I might have to ask to borrow it....we're having a wedding in August and this would be so lovely for photographs. But, CO is too far away! xx
Unknown said…
Wow the pink sofa is amazing!!!
Alexis said…
If you should EVER decide to sell this adorable pink sofa, I would more than happily beat the $30. By a lot!!! I love it!!! Very serious :)

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