Summer Bucket List

My birthday was yesterday. I always think Summer does not start until my birthday. I know some people think the unofficial start of Summer is Memorial Day but for me it is June 15th.

After reading the Summer 100 list at Pop and Circumstance's blog. I got to thinking about my own Summer bucket list. I would love to have 100 items on it but I only get two weeks vacation this year so that would be too time consuming and a bit unrealistic.

So I came up with 25 things I would like to do this Summer.  Here's the list:

1.       Attend Waterfire in Providence - Done!
2.       Photograph koala bears at Stone Zoo- Done!
3.       See a concert at Shen Liu Center in Rockport
4.       Have a german iced coffee at Sugar n Ice in Exeter
5.       Walk the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine
6.       Take the ferry from Boston to Provincetown
7.       Eat lobster BLTs at Stonewall Kitchens, York, Maine
8.       Go to the Lantern Festival in Jamaica Plain
9.       Eat a farm to table dinner at Whim, Smolak Farms, North Andover
10.   Attend the Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm, Newburyport
11.   See a play at the Ogunquit Playhouse
12.       Sit on the deck at Helmut’s Strudel Shop with an iced coffee and a hot apple strudel - Done!
13.       Have afternoon tea  at Fancy That, Walpole
14.       Visit Hammond Castle for the Abbey by the Sea Renaissance Festival
15.       Photograph and ride the carousel at Paragon Park, Nantasket
16.       Take a photographic workshop

17.   Have an illumination themed Summer party in August- Done!
18.   Take a lighthouse sunset cruise in Portsmouth
19.   Take a mini sister’s vacation- Done!
20.   Visit SOWA market
21.   Go fleaing at Todd Farm, Rowley
22.   Take a North End market tour
23.   Daytrip to Nubble Light/York area of Maine
24.   Have breakfast at Sugar Magnolias, Gloucester
25.  Visit farmer's markets where I haven't been

I am sorry about the weird format of this post. Tried to fix it but nothing worked.

Anyway, what are your Summer plans? Do you have a Summer bucket list?



Happy Birthday! I also want to do 5, 7, 11, &16! LOL!!!

On August 3rd in Ocean Park, ME they are celebrating the 25th Illumination Night! You should check it out! Here's the link! - they have great activities!

You have quite an impressive bucket list and I truly hope you do as many things as possible! I'm a little more at least 6 books this summer, take my kayak out alone (I'm a bit afraid of water...I know, crazy), try to find a series on the TV to follow, eat more fruit...ha ha, very lame!

Happy Birthday, dear girl, I hope you celebrated big time!

Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
happy Birthday Dear!!!! I wish you do as numerous things as possible! I'm a little more simple...Nice clicks.

Kopi Luwak
Salmagundi said…
Great list!! I figure if I accomplish 4 or 5 things a summer, I'm doing good! I know you will accomplish yours and have a great time doing it. Sally
Happy Birthday Elaine! I love your list and will definitely be stealing some of our wonderful plans.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine is in April and I always have enjoyed having a birthday during the warmer days of the year, and you have it made! Well, our summer has been extremely wet, and last night we had a killer storm. Trees have come down and we have no power until Tuesday; I'm at a local Whole Foods plugging in! Thanks for coming by....Anita
R's Rue said…
Lobster BLT's! Yum!
Kay Ellen said…
Happy Belated Birthday !!
that is a cool bucket list.
Mine summer will be filled with design jobs but my days off ~~ beach bound~~~ toes in the sand, swimming, bike rides, and just relaxing with my family.

Kay Ellen

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