Playing hooky-Rockport daytrip

I took a day off from work on Wednesday and took a quick trip to Rockport. My sister went with me. We took a sidetrip to Essex too but that is for my next post.

There was a threat of afternoon showers and thunderstorms like every day lately. So we left for Rockport around 9:30 and we were at the water's edge by 10:30.We were determined to be home by the time the downpours started.

It was hot and humid but not as hot as the day before. It turned out to be just beautiful in Rockport.  We took a walk at the end of the dock and just stared at the beauty of the ocean.

I love to go to this store, Lula's Pantry. They carry specialty items and kitchenware. The store is so clean and fresh looking and well organized. We both bought some loose tea at this shop.

The back of the store has a lovely deck that faces the ocean. There are benches so you can sit and  watch the boats go by.

Here's another view from the deck. It certainly was a beauty of a day!

Flowers are everywhere. Hydrangeas and iris and so many varieties of flowers. Must be the salty ocean air that helps them thrive.

Even the small decks on some of the houses had potted flowers or hanging plants.

This pretty garden rested against the sea wall. The red flowers really stood out even from a distance.

Wouldn't it be nice to sit in those rocking chairs relaxing by the ocean? So charming!

Roses were abundant here too! Creeping through the narrow alleyways and so fragrant.

We walked towards Bearskin Neck and stopped at the Wicked Peacock. It was worth a look.

Such a beautiful shop! All of Silvana, the owner's displays, were magnificient. She has been only open two months. She must be doing something right because I read about her store on two blogs this week.

I loved the gold peacock and the colorful display, We spent quite a bit of time speaking with Silvana. Turns out she grew up in the next town to me.

And she had a dress form very similar to Vivienne, my dress form. She got hers for free as someone was throwing it out!

Well this sign caught my eye, Lobster BLTs, one of the items on my Summer bucket list. My sister agreed it was time to eat!

The outside looked cute and we knew the back of it faced the water. So in we went.

Nice décor. It was totally changed from when it was The Greenery. It looked much more upscale and appeared to be more than a sandwich shop.

We were seated right by the window. I was so happy. I wish the screen wasn't there but still a beautiful view. And there is the famous Motif No.1 in red in the distance. It is the subject of many paintings and photographs and is a local landmark.  It was destroyed in the Blizzard of 78 and rebuilt
years ago.

My sister and I split one Lobster BLT which came with fries. We knew we were having dessert later so splitting a sandwich was perfect.

We llooked in a few more shops along Bearskin Neck and then we arrived at Helmut's Strudel Shop. First order of business was to stake our claim on a table. Here is the view from the table.


And the view from directly in front of us. It is so relaxing to watch the water, the boats, the birds.

I got up from my seat and zoomed in on the scene to my left. Peaceful Summer afternoon.

A few sailboats entered the scene. There is a sailing school for children and I often see the students in their mini sailboats when I am in Rockport.

It was starting to cloud up and we decided we should leave. I had my apple strudel and iced coffee so I was content and relaxed .

This dog  was totally relaxed. He was sleeping most of the time we were there. The man was focused on his book and music. We didn't talk to him but had conversation with two women who were from Brookline. One of them asked me for restaurant recommendations. I gave her a few options and wished each other a nice trip.

My sister and I concluded that it doesn't take long to get into relaxation mode. Good food, good company and an oceanside atmosphere certainly speeds up the process.


Salmagundi said…
I always enjoy your day trips!! Thanks for sharing. Sally
That was the best rookie day!
Benny & Lily
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi dear Elaine
I agree I always enjoy your day trips and wish I could tag along. Have a lovely weekend ciao xxx Julie

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