A trip to Waterfire

On Saturday, my sister and I and our friend Debbi drove down to Providence, Rhode Island. We went to see the spectacular event, Waterfire. It was Debbi's first time at Waterfire.

Before we walked down to the river for the festivities, we decided to have an early dinner. We stopped at Union Station Brewery. The meal was delicious. We relaxed a bit knowing we would be on our feet all evening. We decided to forego dessert until later.

I discovered the night portrait mode on my camera. It's only been two years since I bought the camera! It seemed to give me better results on some of my shots.

You can smell the smoke from the fires but it is not overwhelming. It does not dry out your eyes either. It can be mesmerizing watching the fires burn. I could watch them burn all night, in fact I did!

Paper stars were lit along the bridges crossing the river. They are part of a fundraising effort to keep the fires burning at Waterfire.

My Boston Strong Duck made the trip with us. The story of the Boston Strong Duck is for another post.

Saturday night's event was a full lighting. Sometimes only half  the river is lit. We were fortunate to make the trip this night.

These luminarias are lit in memory of loved ones who have passed. This is my sister's dedication to her friend Lori. My co-worker friend Michelle died of cancer last month so I bought a lantern in her memory. Debbi bought one as well. We placed them at the river's edge.

It turned out to be a lovely evening, not too hot or cold. Earlier we had downpours but by afternoon the rains had passed. We had a terrible commute through gridlocked traffic. It took us much longer to get there than expected. Glad we left quite early so we could have time for a leisurely dinner.

After we saw the fire performer, we left to have the long overdue dessert. It was after 10:00 but we didn't care. We drove to Pastiche, a bakery/cafe that I suggested. It's a small place located at the Federal Hill section of Providence. It was packed and we had to wait to be seated. At 11:00 we were ordering and at 11:30 they were closing. I appreciated that they did not push us to finish quickly. The staff was very nice and efficient. A pleasant experience all around and a lovely ending to a perfect evening!


Marina in Blue said…
What an interesting celebration! I suppose its origin must be very old. thanks for sharing it. I love learning about other cultures

Gosh That looks like a fun event. I'm going to have to make my way to Providence one day. Looks like lots of fun.

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