Picture of the Day

. Today was Mother's Day. My sister and I had lunch with my Mom at her nursing home. It was nice, we had our lunch and dessert and then we had presents.

I took this shot at lunch during a particularly silly moment.  I love this photo because my Mom is cracking up and so is my sister. Quite the candid moment.

Hope you all had a wonderful day with your families too!


Happy Mommas Day
Benny & Lily
Such a sweet photo! Looks like it was a great time!
Candid photos are always the best. Lovely!
Kay Ellen said…
A special moment with your Mom & sis ;) I love it!
Happy belated Mother's Day! Looks like a special day Elaine;))

Kay Ellen
June said…
Such a precious photo Chatelaine! I love your blog too and thank you for visiting mine and leaving your sweet note.

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