Boston, the day after

This is the cover of Sports Illustrated, the photo taken at yesterday's marathon. It's powerful and ugly and it makes me sad. I read a comment on a blog that said Bostonians are members of the terror attack club. NYC, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Boston. I hate it.

All was quiet today as the events of yesterday sank in. It's surreal. Everywhere I went I noticed the quiet. Really what is there to say? We don't know who or why.

I think we are all finding comfort in hearing the stories of all the good that was done yesterday. And there was a lot of good done yesterday. We should focus on that. There were some real heroes on Boylston Street yesterday. Yes, we shall focus on that.


Susan said…
Hello Chatelaine....
Your words are so true. We must focus on the GOOD that was done and not give credence to the evildoers.

Percy is adorable, by the way.

Thanks for your visit and comment. Susan
Val said…
Yes--Love to you and yours tonight. ♥
I thought of you yesterday as you are the only blogger friend I have in Boston...the only person I "know" in Boston for that matter. I was worried you might have had an injured family member or friend.

Somebody said the marathon will never be the same again and it broke my heart for all of you Bostonians and the people who dream and compete in the marathon. I know there are heroes and some good will come of this but it's just very, very sad and ugly. I guess all we can do is stand together as a country, pray a lot, and have faith that the people behind this are found and punished.

Yes, focus on the good, but I hate that this evil person has scarred us in this way. I was so glad my kids didn't go in to see the marathon.
Teresa baker said…
I've been praying for you, Elaine, since I heard about the bombings on Monday. My boss was at the marathon (ran in it 2 years ago) and had been in the area between the bombs all morning. He left that area not long before the explosions. After the developments of yesterday, I hope that Boston can begin to heal.
~Teresa from Lancaster, PA
Anonymous said…
The man on the front page of sports illustrated is from a city near seattle Washington..I live in Washington state, the fellow is 78 and married 58 years, his wife was in a hotel not far from the finish line. The news media interviewed him, he was knocked down by the bomb(s) and he got and continued and finished the race..he started marathons a few years ago and is number one in his age group for Marathons, he will be not be deterred by those horrible beings who set them off..I pray for Boston and all its citizens daily and meditate, what a horrible thing to do anywhere to anyone, our world is full of haters, but I am not, I chant and pray and won't listen to the radio or tv but chant, pray and meditate, it is better to throw out into the world peace, prayers and good your blog! ciao!
Well said Elaine. The horror of Marathon Monday was staggering to me.

Take care my friend.

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