An afternoon in Marblehead

I had an entire day off on Saturday. Well almost, I did a brief photo shoot for the Melrose Chamber of Commerce. Then I was free as a bird. I had lunch with my sister in Reading and then off I went to spend a little time in the lovely seaside town of Marblehead.

I drove straight to the beach. A few people had the same idea and I saw kids playing volleyball and people walking their dogs. The sunshine felt good and the smell of the ocean, well I love it!

The day was beautiful, a warm Spring day. It was rather chilly by the ocean so I didn't stay long.

These cuties were enjoying the day outside a florist shop. I just noticed the dog on the right could pass for a rabbit.

 Oh yes finally, it really feels like Spring! And everything is starting to bloom too. The seaside gardens were gorgeous.

I snapped a few shots outside the florist shop Flores Mantilla. The owner came out to greet me. Probably because I had been talking to the dogs. She gave me a beautiful magazine about weddings. She had an ad in the magazine and she wanted to show it to me.

I love old typewriters so this one on display outside the florist shop caught my eye.

O'Rama's had  blingy jewelry that caught the sunlight.

I had a great time speaking with the owners of MacKimmie's. They sold scarfs, throws, blankets, and gifts in their shop.

I loved the entrance to their store. The front door was framed by apple blossoms. It was really lovely.

I love cozy blankets and throws. I have throws throughout my home. I usually buy inexpensive ones because of the cats. The kitties of course, take over the throws.

I have never seen such perfectly folded blankets! They certainly don't look like that in my linen closet! I bought a few gifty items but no blankets or throws. Kitty claws would ruin blankets such as these.

The owner of  MacKimmie's told me Haley's Market was a good place to eat but I was really just looking for coffee. Ideally I wanted to take a break ,and sit in a coffee shop by the ocean. Haley's was closed but I liked the sign in their window. I gave up on the coffee, most places closed at 5:00.

This house was pretty. The houses are close together in the historic section of town. Some are quite colorful and some have been updated considerably.

Many of the historic homes have signs like these displayed outside their doors. The original homeowner's name, date of construction, and occupation were listed.

I had a great time in just a few hours in Marblehead. I will return when I have more time to spend exploring.

My next post will be about another little daytrip I took, this time to Exeter, New Hampshire. Have a great week.


I love Marblehead, but haven't been in a few years. Beautiful photos! I know what you mean about the cats and blankets. My daughter's cat Lily, jumps up every morning and kneads my bed covers like crazy.
Salmagundi said…
I always love your day trips. Wish I was there, but I'll just enjoy your experiences. Thanks for sharing. Sally
Unknown said…
I lived in Marblehead for the first 4 years I was in MA. I lived in old town and still miss it (even though I'm only a few miles away now). Such a wonderful community. I think the only place after 5 for coffee is Starbucks but Java Sun on Atlantic Ave may be an option for your next visit. Marblehead is definitely a wonderful place to spend a beautiful spring day!
Kay Ellen said…
oh what a wonderful New England destination I would love to wonder & shop! Those dogs were beautiful!
Kay Ellen
Yarni Gras! said…
lovely photos....I would love to take a trip up the eastern coast.....
Donna said…
That was a gorgeous post, Elaine! Do you know I have never been to Marblehead? I had a good chuckle reading the no dogs allowed sign - that was FUNNY! I loved all your photographs!

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