A vintage clothing auction

About three weeks ago, I received an email from Ryan Auctions announcing their next vintage clothing and textile auction. I checked out some of their online photos and I cleared my schedule.
the auction was today.

The object of my desire was a French folding screen. I've been looking for an antique fabric screen for a while but they're either too big or not my style. This one was smaller and definitely my style.
It had beautiful fabric front and back and beveled glass. It was perfect.

Someone had left a bid of $475. so I was already out of the bidding before it ever really started. I couldn't justify spending that much money on it. It ended up going for $525. It was beautiful and it went home with someone else. I was very disappointed.

I met some very nice ladies at the auction. We ended up sitting together and chatting. Jen has a store in Haverhill and she also sells on Ebay and Etsy. She is a blogger too.

Jana travelled all the way from Nantucket and it was her first auction. Jen was a pro at auctions so she was coaching Jana.

Paula works for Home Goods. She travelled about an hour to the auction.  She bought the dress in the photo above. It was really lovely and an excellent choice. I hope she has a wonderful event to wear it to. She is tall and blonde and I am sure she will look gorgeous in it.  She made some very nice selections in the items she bid on. She purchased a few vintage beaded evening bags, perfume bottles, a piano shawl, opera glasses and another lovely dress.

Jana bid on some vintage Hungarian peasant tops. The embroidery was phenomenal on them. She said she would not be denied! She won the bid. 6 lovely tops went home with her.

I thought this set was really pretty but I did not bid on it.  Two men were bidding on all sterling silver dresser sets. I think they won them all.

Of course I bid on these little beauties and I was the high bidder! These will look great on my bookshelf.

There were lots filled with hats, some interesting and some just plain ugly.
I, too, bid on evening bags. This one was a favorite but I didn't bid on it. I will show you the ones I bought later. I ended up with two vintage evening bags. Who knew I was a collector?
In addition to the cameras and vintage evening bags, I left the auction with a ladies linen coat, a French footstool, a vintage suitcase, and one very unique tea strainer. I will post photos of all of them in a future post.
Guess what brought in the highest bid at the auction? You'll never guess, It was an old leather football uniform. The winning bid? $2,100.
If you love vintage fashion or just unique items from the past, I encourage you to check out an auction. Bidding can really get the heart rate up. Does that count as exercise?


Not a bad day for you. I haven't been to an auction in years. There fun, but I usually leave empty handed. The evening is lovely.
That should say evening bag.49-52 dloget
Unknown said…
oh how did I miss this auction? It looks like such fun stuff. Can't wait to see your loot pics.

Serge said…
It would be wise for those who love vintage clothes to attend these kinds of auctions so that they get to enjoy the best value for their money as they get lots of vintage clothes and accessories along the way.
Anonymous said…
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