I am ready for the storm

I am ready for the storm. Got my heavy blizzard boots. Cell phones and computer fully charged. Bottled water at the ready. Batteries of every size and candles ans matches set to go. I bought soup, fruit, bread, and chocolate. I'll turn the heat up a little higher just in case I lose the electricity later on.

Latest prediction 16-24 inches, 30 in some areas and historically high snow drifts of 5 feet. Hurricane force winds.  Me and my kitties are hunkering down and will ride out the storm at home.

Yes, I am ready for the storm. To all my friends in the Northeast, stay safe! And thanks to my sister for turning me on to this song. I love it! Watch and listen to the video, you'll love it too!


Robin Larkspur said…
Good luck with this blizzard! I hope it won't be as bad as they say, but you are smart to be prepared. And you have three warm furry bodies to keep you snug in case the power goes out!
Val said…
Stay safe, and I hope you stay warm too. I thought the blizzard here in 2010 was fun (at first anyway), a neat thing to experience. I'd never seen so much snow before, it was just blindingly white outside for weeks. Anyway (babble babble), good luck. :)
We hear over 1 foot is on the way
Benny & Lily
Boy, that was a humdinger, wasn't it! We're still digging out, how about you?
Fete et Fleur said…
It has been a grueling year of storms. I look forward to summer! Hope all is well with you. Stay safe.


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