Holiday decorating inspiration

I don't know about you, but, I always look to magazines and blogs for my holiday decorating inspiration.  I saw this beauty in Matthew Mead's Christmas magazine. This was from a feature on Carol Spinski from Raised in Cotton. The chair is a little bit like my living room chair.

So I thought I would give it a whirl and pull out my own vintage ornament collection. I just grabbed the first few I could get my hands on since I haven't decorated yet. Mine is a little meagher but you get the jist of it.

I was admiring my work when ....

The one man wrecking machine awakened from his perch in the dining room. Of course, he had to investigate.

He just has to get in every photo doesn't he?  So the holiday styling session abruptly ended. I did not want to chance any of my vintage beauties becoming a cat toy for Mr. Percy or his siblings.

One last look before it is dismantled.  As you can see the chair is not in pristine shape as it has endured far too many kitty claws.

I decided to give you a close up view of some of my collection. I added a warm filter to the photo to give it more of a vintage look.

Where do you find your holiday decorating inspiration?


Kay Ellen said…

Oh the kitties better be nice and just admire your pretty ornaments! xo


WELL HELLO PERCY! What a darling little dynamo! I can see him attaching himself to your tree as well!!!!!!!

THANK YOU for coming to visit the Cuban Sugar Plum Fairy! YES, she is liberated from the ordinary and has found a different beat ( I hope you heard the music because without it, it makes no sense!)

Love your grayish gorgeous! Anita
Eileen said…
What a lovely and unique idea! It looked so pretty. The wrecking crew is pretty adorable, too, though. :)

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