Christmas Mischief and Mishaps

Anything I would post about seems so frivilous after hearing the news from Connecticut yesterday.
I watched the coverage and was actually disgusted by the reporters asking for interviews from the children and their parents. I think they could have used a little more compassion.

I watched the interview with the teacher who locked her kids in the bathroom. What a brave, compassionate young woman. She is a true hero and if I had kids I would want her to be their teacher.

Anyway, I did write a post about my Christmas decoration progress today. If you want to escape the sadness for a few minutes read on:

I am finally getting down to decorating the condo for Christmas.  Last weekend, I decorated the mantle in the dining room but I am still tweaking it.  Tonight, I worked on the fireplace in the living room. It really doesn't take me long to decorate the condo since it's a small space.

This week I had a little mishap and it set me back on my decorating. On Tuesday, I fell in the parking lot where I work and I broke my nose. I tumbled feet flying behind me and I crashed onto the concrete face first. Well, first my knee then my hands then my nose and my forehead. What a bloody mess! I had my first ambulance ride and I spent about 3 hours in the emergency room.

I am one lucky girl. I did not have a concussion although I hit my head and I didn't break my kneecap although I hit my knee before breaking my nose. Just a broken nose, sore knee and facial cuts.
I think I have a guardian angel. It could have been so much worse!

Back to the fun stuff. I have a prelit garland that I use on the fireplace in the living room. This year I dressed it up with some gold leaves, gold pinecones and strands of gold beads. I wanted it to really shimmer.

I took about 10 seconds after I'd finished the fireplace for Percy to investigate. I think he can read, he went right to the stocking with his name on it. I should have known shimmery things would attract a curious cat.

How long do you think the garland will last on the fireplace? I am guessing not even 24 hours.

Right now he is back to resting on the cable box so hopefully he's done sniffing around. I'll let you know how it goes.


Robin Larkspur said…
Oh, Elaine, you poor thing, such an awful fall. It must have hurt something fierce. I am glad your injuries weren't worse! Your decorating looks great, and seems to be approved by Snoopervisor Percy.

The shock and devastation of the events in Connecticut are unbearable. I agree with you about the media and their constant breech of privacy. I don't know how the parents and loved ones of the victims will find a way to cope.
OMG, how terrible. Falling is so scary and it happens so quickly. I fell last June in the hallway at school and tore ligaments on both sides of my ankles. Not as bad as breaking your nose. I hope you heal quickly.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Elaineoh dear you poor thing. A broken nose for Xmas you can be Rudolph (sorry he he)

Well the news out of Newton is horrendous and reconfirns why I've now not had a tv for over a year too hard to see so much sadness all the time. That teacher that hid the kids is certainly sn angel I hope all involved can one day heal

As for Percy he looks like a meerkat standing like that the cute thing. I remember when you brought him home

Well one if my few comments these days. Have a fabulous Xmas xxx Julie
Marina in Blue said…
Hi Elaine, I think the same about the the tragedy in Connecticut. It looks a little bit strange to interview children who are so young in TV after a tragedy like that one. I'm very sad for all this, we have watched all the news and the President talking and it's incredible. I'm very sorry for you and your nose, but I think you will be better in a few days or weeks and of course thank you for sharing your beautiful decoration
Thanks for stopping by to visit me! And I just grimaced at your event - of all the things I have experienced, I have never had a broken nose. Been hit in the nose, but not broken. Oh, I am glad you are okay. But, I do hope your knee is okay too - keep an eye on it.

The sadness in the air over the events will be with us for a long, long time. I think posts about our lives keeps us going. We won't forget, nor stop grieving, but it is good to know that Someone much bigger than us is in control when we read about such daily living. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Big hugs
Michelle said…
Elaine! I am so sorry for your accident. How horrible. I mean, I've fallen many times but never this hard. You must be in pain (at least your nose is). I hope you heal fast. I do love your decorations, always so cozy in your house. I am going to pray for the families in Connecticut now and over the holidays (what a tough time for them). Merry Christmas, Elaine, Percy (curious little Percy), Molly and Oscar!


Michelle, Quincy, Emma, Lily and Perseus
Donna said…
E can SO relate to Percy's antics!!! Our Baby has been going crazy! She did when she was a kitten, too. Funny, last year we had a tree and I think she pretty much ignored it! I thought by 3 years old things would be safe, but not a chance!!!

Again, Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Donna said…
HOW could I forget to mention your nose? You are very lucky! I have to ask you this - becuase almost the same thing happened to me - did your fall feel like slow motion?

About four years ago my sister, daughter and I drove around Malden, looking at the old apartments my grandparents used to live in. The one my sister and I remember most actually had a For Sale sign in front and was vacant, so we went up the cement steps to see if we could kind of peek in.

Well, on the way down those 4-5 cement steps (that I sat on as a child - I remember it SO vividly, everyone sitting out on the front steps!)... Anyhow, I was wearing clogs and holding my camera instead of the railing. As sometimes happens with clogs, my foot slipped out a bit and before I knew it, I was falling face first. My legs remained on the steps and my face and upper torso landed on the cement sidewalk. Like you, I escaped without serious damage, although my ankles were sprained and bruised - black and blue and swollen to four times their size - and GOD did they hurt for MONTHS!

So sorry about your accident and hoping you are pain-free and as good as new in no time :)

I'm sorry about your accident hope you're doing better!

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