I like Pottery Barn but ...

I've been looking for a dresser for my bedroom for ages. I liked a few from Pottery Barn.  The Hudson Tallboy Dresser in the photo above was priced at $1,299. I was looking for a simple look and the piece needed to be in a darker wood.

I also liked this dresser from Pottery Barn. The model is Ashby and it was priced at $1,099. I liked this one better than the first one.  The size was more to my liking but it was more than I wanted to pay.

Recently, I went to an estate sale in Reading, Massachusetts and I spied this beauty in one of the second floor bedrooms. I didn't have a tape measure with me but the dresser looked like it would fit in the small corner of my bedroom.

The estate sale was packed and the house was filled with lots of people and treasures. After, I saw the dresser I bolted down the stairs to find someone to tell me the price. It was $200. I was thrilled and I paid cash for it.  It cost me another $70 for delivery but I was fine with that.

I love these two little drawers on the top of it.  I don't know what I will put in them but they sure are cute.

Here's a side view.  I really like the color and the style of the piece. And I like it better than the dressers at Pottery Barn. I had an antiques guy do a small repair to the back of it and he told me it is a great piece and probably from the 1840's.

I pulled this lamp out of my closet. I just started decorating for Fall. I got the lamp a few years ago from Victorian Trading Company. I actually think it is too small for the dresser but I am not done accessorizing the dresser. 

I think this lamp is adorable. Momma squirrel and babies on the base and an acorn lamp shade. It gives off a nice amber glow and it's a nice addition to my fall decor.

I went away to Kennebunkport, Maine last weekend.  Will do a post about it soon.


Diane DeSisto McCarthy said…
I love the dresser, Elaine. What a find! Think of the stories it could tell going back to the 1840's. No dresser from Pottery Barn could do that not to mention the difference in cost. Love your blog!
Robin Larkspur said…
You lucky girl! That dresser is perfect! Those little drawers are waiting for your small treasures. I have to say also, I adore the squirrel lamp!
great pieces!
Benny & Lily
This dresser is so much better than the ones you saw at Pottery Barn, which I think is so overpriced (although the furniture is good quality). I'm so happy you came upon it, it can be hit or miss at estate sales. The lamp is wonderful! I get that catalog but never pay much attention to it, I will now!

I'm looking forward to reading your post on Maine.

Donna said…
Ooooh, what a steal! That is fantastic. And you know me and my Sammy squirrels - I'm in love with your lamp!! Have a good week :)... Donna

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