FOUND - a real find

I had the day off from work today and after I had breakfast with my Sister, we parted ways and I headed to Somerville. First stop, the Goodwill store and then to an upscale consignment shop called Found.

I really liked the jackets and coats for sale. In a variety of fabrics and textures, there were some very high end designer clothes and others at a more reasonable price point. All of them lovingly cared for and beautifully displayed.

When I first enter a shop, I need to see something that intrigues me. Otherwise, I am not spending time in the store. I also like to be acknowledged right away. Found scored big on both points.

Eric, who was standing behind the counter, greeted me right away even though he had a customer at the register. I appreciate it when someone on staff recognizes me as a customer.

This man obviously found something that intrigued him too. His girlfriend had this equestrian hat on first then he decided to give it a try. They were having fun looking at all the fashions at Found.

A dress form is wrapped up with belts. Many of them were works of art. I would love to wear one of these but I think they look best on thinner people. Maybe if I continue to lose weight on Weoight Watchers I can reward myself with one of these beauties.

There were many lovely feminine blouses to look at.  I love this one.

Oh yeah, there's a men's section too.  A large selection of clothing for the fashionable male.

Previously, I mentioned the merchandising of the store.  Look at this cool spool used to display cuff bracelets.  Fun!!


Here's a view from the front of the store. Just look at that chandelier.  Spectacular, isn't it?

Eric told me this trolley was going to be thrown out and melted down but the store owners salvaged it. A rescue of sorts, don' t you think? I love the yellow wheels and the industrial chic decor in the store.

I really liked ths jacket, it definitely belonged in a high end boutique and perhaps it was in it's past life.

More jewelry presented beautifully.

Remember the wow chandelier? Take a closer look, it's made from eyeglass lenses!

Here's the checkout counter. I'm not sure what it's made of but it looked aluminum. The colors of the walls were very warm.

Here are the belts in detail. Aren't they fantastic? I love a chunky belt.

Here's another intruging display. Eric explained to me that this bike was formerly in a high end store window.The owners of Found found it at an auction.

These boots aren't my style but they sure are cute. I can see someone wearing them with skinny jeans.

I had a great time at Found and I appreciated Eric giving me free reign to photograph anything that struck my fancy.  If you are visting Somerville, check out Found at 255 Elm Street in Davis Square. I'm sure it will intrigue you too.


Love the jacket. Cool stuff
Benny & Lily
I'd love to visit you, have breakfast and then head to this shop! Oh my, that chandelier! And the jackets! No junk here! So...did you come home with anything?!

kay Ellen said…
Oh my goodness I love that store! I could do some serious shopping !! haha

Love what you found :))

Happy Tuesday!~~well almost wednesday here time to sleep zzzzz :))

Kay Ellen
Marina in Blue said…
Hi, You have a little surprise in my blog
What a great store. I like how you always take the time to show the interiors of the shops you frequent. Enjoyed my visit!
Oh I love that pretty white blouse and that chandelier...who knew?! Happy weekend!
Fete et Fleur said…
Oh! How I love that cart. What a great store. It's a good thing I don't have anything this great in my area. It would be way to tempting for me.


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