Sometimes a one day vacation is enough

I did not take a Summer vacation this year. Since I started my new job in June, I haven't earned any days off yet. I missed being able to take a few days off to go to the Cape or Maine.

Luckily my friends once again rented a cottage in York, Maine and my sister and I were invited up for the day on Sunday of this weekend.

The weather was cool when we first got to York, Maine but later on it warmed up. The clouds were amazing all day. We relaxed at the cottage for a while and had a lunch of frittata and sour dough bread with dipping sauce. It was made by our friend Mary and it was delicious.  This is the view from the cottage. I could sit here for hours and look at the lighthouse.

I did not bring my tripod down on the rocks but this guy did.  In fact, we used my friend Don's tripod for the nighttime shots.

I think this is the location of many Christmas card photo shoots. We saw a lot of families posing in front of the lighthouse.

We had to take our annual photo in front of the lighthouse too! It was mighty windy and
we all have that wind blown look.  We were wearing jackets and it's still Summer!

I wanted to sit in one of those chairs but the sign was not welcoming. They must have a lot of trespassers during the Summer season.

The scene at the lighthouse changes hour by hour.  The sky was blue and then gray and it rained briefly. No matter what the weather, Nubble Light is always breathtaking.

The cottages are so adorable.  Each one is a little different. I think they all have two bedrooms and one bath and a fantastic deck for lighthouse viewing.

The sun came out and it got warm. We didn't need our jackets anymore and we headed back to the cottage for a snack of sweet potato chips.

Here is our view as we ate our snack. I would love to spend a week or two here in this cottage. How relaxing would that be?

Mary prepared our dinner. Such a sweet little kitchen.  You don't really need more than that.

This little guy came by for a meal but he was disappointed. He settled for eating just grass.

After dinner, we waited to see the sunset and the colors of the sky changed again. We waited a long time for the moonrise. We thought we might not see it because of the cloud cover but eventually it did appear.

Here's the front of the cottage. It was a little chilly to sit on the deck. Some years it is too hot to sit there but we've been lucky over the years. The weather is usually perfect. 

All the lanterns and the candles are lit for the evening. It gets pretty dark here as there are not many outside light. The sky is filled with stars. Gorgeous!

Don had the tripod all set up for some moonrise shots. We decided to take the tripod down to the lighthouse and I got a lesson in nighttime photography.

My first attempt photographing the moon and the lighthouse in one shot. Don told me to play around with the timer and the white balance settings.  It's hard to compose the shot when everything is pitch black around you.

A different setting and an eerie effect from some car headlights on the rocks. A car pulled up right as I hit the shutter.  Oh well, I still like the shot.

The last shot before calling it a day.  Can you see the stars? We went back to the cottage and my sister and I headed home. We had a nice long day in York.  Sometimes it only takes one day by the ocean to make you feel as if you've had a vacation.


Marina in Blue said…
What a beautiful place and what a beautiful day, I agree with you. I suppose you know there's a great economical crisis here in Spain. We haven't travelled this year. We live near the coast ,15 km and we have gone nearly everyday to walk 1 hour to the beach. Then we have had lunch at home and we have had a siesta. It has been one of my best holidays
Anonymous said…
Those are great shots of the lighthouse, Elaine...I can even make out the stars. What a beautiful place...perfect views. You're lucky that you live close enough to make a day trip there. We're hoping to plan a trip to Maine, hopefully next it there!
Val said…
Lovely! And a one-day vacations beats none. :) Beautiful photos.
I love those photos! The last one is amazing!
Lisa said…
Great photos! I love Maine. It's so scenic and peaceful.

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