Every once in a while, a girl has to indulge herself

"Every once in a while, a girl has to indulge herself" those are the words of the character Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City.  I tend to agree with Carrie so last Saturday I set out for Concord, Massachusetts for a little retail therapy.

I knew in advance the two shops I was going to hit. One was Nesting on Main and the other was Jack and Toba. These are my favorite shops in the area.

Years ago, when I would go out shopping it would be for clothes.  I still enjoy fashion but clothes shopping has lost it's lustre. I think it is mainly because of two things: one, I am older now and two, I have gained weight and it's harder to buy clothes off the rack and they don't look as good as they did when I was thinner.

I gravitate towards stores that sell items for the home. Since I bought my condo I am more interested in home decor. I get inspired by reading blogs and then I want to redo all the rooms in my home. So off to Concord I went and my first stop was of course Nesting on Main. I've posted about Nesting before and on Saturday they did not disappoint.

The price tag listed this as a planter but to me it has pot rack written all over it! It was a cool chippy green.  Loved it but it would be too big for my kitchen.

Ooh, vintage cameras! Tempting to add one more to my collection but no.

I do like old signs but red is not in my color scheme and this is a big sign. I do like this lamp and it would go with my decor but I didn't need it.

I thought about this rack with hooks.  It is old and it would be perfect for the hallway outside my door. There are holes in the wall of my hallway courtesy of the previous owner.  I think I might need to go back to Nesting.

Time to stop by the next shop. Goodbye to Nesting for now. I love your displays and product selection, a mix of old and new.

On to Jack + Toba, an eclectic selection of furniture, housewares, gifts and clothing. If you buy something at this shop you will feel that it is a one of a kind item.

Wouldn't this entrance peak your interest? Love the vintage clothing especially the coats.

And how come I didn't notice that necklace until I was leaving?  That's a smart outfit too!

These bottles look pretty in the window.  Not sure if they were cooking oils or bath products.

Artful displays are everywhere in this store. Owner Suzy has a real knack for finding unique items and setting up interesting vignettes.

I love bath and laundry products. If I hadn't just restocked my laundry detergent and fabric softeners, I would have tried this line. I just bought the Beach Days product from Good Home Company and I love the scent!

More cleaning and bath products. The line is Laundress and it smells heavenly! Next time.

I do love this sideboard and it's such a pretty color.  It would be perfect in the dining room.

I did buy something here. Something for me and something for you. I am going to have a blog giveaway soon and it will be revealed. I also bought something for my new home office and when it comes together you will see it.

At Nesting, I got a burlap market bag which I have already used for groceries and a vintage beaded lampshade. I have the perfect base for the lampshade, wait till you see it!

Whenever I drive to Concord I look for Drummer, the horse I saw almost two years ago at Christmas time. Drummer was rescued by some kind people and he is living at their Concord farm.  He was alone two years ago but now he has a companion and I am sure he is happy.  I blogged about him here http://cafechatelaine.blogspot.com/2011/01/what-i-did-with-my-week-off.html.

I had a wonderfully indulgent day. Another mini vacation if you will. Every once in a while, it is ok to indulge yourself!


These sound and look like fun shops! I can't wait to see what you came home with. Although I still like to shop for clothes...I mostly do that online. But I love to look in the stores at things for my home. I already have SO much ( as in clutter), that I don't need another single thing, but sometimes things jump out at you!! I guess that's indulgence at it's best!

Lovely picture of the farm...I bet those are two happy horses!

really cool items. Love the cameras
Benny & Lily
I love Concord center. I usually spend a lot of time at the Concord Store for all my kitchens wants and the Cheese Shop. I have always wanted to have lunch at the Colonial Inn too. I will definitely be checking out your favorite haunts next time I'm in Concord.
Oh what fun shopping! I have to say your stores look far better than what I have here in LA. I just might have to make my way to your area of the country for some amazing retail therapy ;)

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