Blood, Sweat and Tears- Jeanne's Home Renovation

Remember my friend Jeanne's home renovation I blogged about here? The living room was ugly and scary and looked downright dangerous.

Now it is clean with a beautifully refinished hardwood floor. The filthy stained glass window was removed to be repaired and cleaned. The drop ceiling was removed. The whole room has come alive.

Again, the dingy floor and the nicotine stained walls and moulding needed TLC.

Here's a much prettier cleaned up version of the hallway. What a difference some 409 spray and a fresh coat of paint makes!

Jeanne bought this chandelier at a moving sale in her hometown. It is a nice addition to the entrance. I wish I had been at that sale but I think we would have fought over the chandelier!

A rather uninspring office or small bedroom.  Nothing terribly hideous in this room compared to the others but it still needs some attention.

Bright and sunny now.  Jeanne put some furniture in each room until she has tenants. I'm glad the old radiator is still prominent in the room. I love it.

The kitchen was stuck in a time warp and like all the rooms, it needed major cleaning and repair.

If I had seen this floor, I never would have bought the property. Jeanne is quite determined and handy and she also knows some good workmen.

Clean, shiny and bright. A lovely way to display some prized possessions. Who needs cabinet doors?

The floors are looking great now.  Love the kitchen chairs too. I think there is still work to be done here.

The bedroom- again damaged floors, dirty, old wallpaper from a chain smoker. In need of improvement for sure.

Very nice. I love the color of the floors.  They really turned out beautifully.  The room is ready for some finishing touches and ready for a tenant.

Even the outside is getting a facelift.  The house will be green with white trim.

Do you think Jeanne's job is finished?  Guess again and come upstairs with me.

And let the demo begin!!


Marina in Blue said…
I love this kind of works, before and after, I also like the wooden floors. thanks for sharing it

Whoa! Well, good thing your friend, Jeanne, decided to renovate the home. The old appearance of that house was kind of creepy, and it looked like it’s going to need some serious alteration. Now, the living room, hallway, office and kitchen look brighter, polished and more refreshing. It’s nice to see the light of the sun passing through. :D Extend my good luck to your friend Jeanne for the renovation of the house’s second floor. I’m sure the transformation will look great as well.

Mariam Freame
Wow, what a wonderful job she did. You are right, the floor stain is gorgeous. Still so much work. I hope she has deep pockets.
What fun before and after photos. Everything sure looks better in the afters ;) Loved the fireplace...nicotine stains, yucky! It sure looks gorgeous now and you would never believe how it looked before she got ahold of it. Have a great rest of the week!
Karen said…
The house is looking good. The outside is pretty and I know the new paint job will really make it beautiful. I never in my life heard of nicotine stained walls, yuck they must have smoked morning noon and night. Your tablescape is gorgeous. Thanks so much for visiting!
Tyrone Speelman said…
The living room looks like a different room now. It’s some kinda place that anyone wouldn’t think twice to enter unlike when it’s in previous state. Because honestly, you’re right in saying it’s scary. ;P I think the change in flooring helps a lot to create that inviting atmosphere. I’m excited to see the transformation of the house exterior and see how it matches with the inside.
Beautiful transformation! From gloomy, your living room became brighter and more vibrant! I think adding a chandelier will provide good lighting and will make your room look more elegant.
Kayce Church said…
I just noticed that there are a lot of cable wires and plugs under your computer desk. It would be great if you used clips and clamps to organize your cables efficiently. It will minimize cable wire mess and will make the area clutter-free!
Unknown said…
The home-office bedroom looks much better now! The old, green wall just made it gloomy. The kitchen chairs are a perfect match for your new kitchen flooring too. I hope you get to finish the other sections of the house and the exterior because I sure am excited to see the final masterpiece!

Alana Rascoe

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