An Autumn Walk in the Neighborhood

Today's weather was damp and raw. In the morning, I went to a yard sale in Winchester and an outdoor farmer's market. Too bad it wasn't nice out, it would have been a little more enjoyable. In the afternoon, I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood.

I could see that Autumn had arrived. Right outside my back door there was a smattering of colorful leaves on the ground.  I thought it was a little early in the season for such brilliant color but then I realized it is almost October! It seems like just yesterday I was standing by the lighthouse in Maine but it was nearly a month ago.

My upstairs neighbor put a new autumnal plant outside the front door of our condominium.

The neighbors next door but the requisite pumpkins on the back stairway. Their hydrangea bush has turned a beautiful mauve color.

Even the flowers/weeds growing by the street looked pretty under a cloudy sky.

I walked down the street and spied a magnificient rose in someone's yard. The color caught my eye and I walked right across their lawn to get a better look. Luckily, they weren't home.

The rose was such a lovely shade I just had to snap a photo of it. Look, it has a companion.

My favorite trees have multi color leaves. The colors look so much nicer when the reds and oranges have a green backdrop.

I can't wait for all the trees to turn. I haven't seen many yellows yet.

Just one more leafy shot for the day. I should have taken some of the fallen leaves home to press. Did you press leaves as a child? Or jump in the piles of leaves your father had just raked?

Many of the homes in the neighborhood had a mum plant and a pumpkin on the front steps, but, this one had to be my favorite. The homeowners definitely gave their display more thought. I like the cornstalks framing the doorway and the use of color.  Very pretty!

 My last stop and I found another rosebush in a neighbor's yard. These look more like Summer roses to me.  I guess Autumn hasn't totally arrived yet. Some of us are still hanging on to Summer.


Kay Ellen said…
Love Fall~~Your photos are sure pretty~~~summer is still hanging around here in southern California...

Hopeful by mid-October we will have cooler temps!

Happy Weekend to you elaine!

Kay Ellen
Marina in Blue said…
What a fabulous neighborhood!!! You are a lucky woman!
Everything looks so pretty! I actually like to take walks on rainy days (not in downpours!). Our leaves haven't changed much yet and by the time they do they are ready to fall off the trees.

The doorway jazzed up with the cornstalks is so cute! Fall is really a great time to decorate the outside of your house. I used to do it up with hay and scarecrows but the squirrels have put an end to that fun!

Happy Fall Weekend, Elaine!

Lovely photos... I missed reading your blog!
This is such a beautiful post. I really, really enjoy this time of year for all these reasons!

And did you change your Header recently? It looks gorgeous!!

French-Kissed said…
Oh you are making me miss the East Coast...don't think I am going to be able to do my coastal switch this Fall...your photos capture the mood of this gorgeous season so beautifully. Enjoy!


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