Peaceful Waters

I suspected there was going to be a gorgeous sunset yesterday and I wanted to capture it. I stopped by Starbucks for a cappuccino and headed over to Horn Pond in Woburn.  It was the golden hour or the hour before sunset. The light was perfect and it illuminated the houses bordering the pond. Everything had a golden glow.

The pond was peaceful with more ducks and geese than people visiting.  I love to watch the colors of the pond change from blues to pinks and purples. Such pretty pastels.

The greenery was so wild and rainforestesque. I couldn't name a single plant but it was all beautiful.

It was almost getting too dark to take photos especially for a girl who still doesn't understand all her camera's settings or its capabilities.

A tripod would have been nice but I did not bring mine with me. So I changed a few settings and I was able to take a few more shots. I guess you could call it a shot in the dark!

These purple flowers caught my eye. Again, I don't know what they were but they were beautiful.

I love to look at the ripples in the water. Up close each ripple is clearly defined.

The ducks came out under cover of darkness..  They looked like mini speedboats leaving a wake of water behind them.

Ok it was getting really dark at this point.  Time for that last cliche sunset over the pond shot.  Horn Pond has a tranquil beauty.  If you get a chance, stop by around sunset some evening and you just might see me there.


Marina in Blue said…
Marvellous, It's incredible how we can share this feeling in the distance. Thanks a lot. I'm deeply moved
Robin Larkspur said…
Gorgeous. A poem in pictures! You are incredibly lucky to have such beauty nearby.
I've never seen Horn Pond look more beautiful. When my husband and I lived in Woburn we would walk the pond year round! That's the one thing I miss about Woburn. Great photos!
Ahhhh...peaceful indeed! WOBURN, MASS....Oh how I remember this place, driving through it to get to Boston from Beverly!

THANK YOU for coming to visit today! Are you having a heat wave? I hear so many friends talking about how hot it is out there way! We had one week of unbearable heat but since then, we are cooled off. Our mornings are actually chilly! Oh how I hope you get some relief!!! Anita
Oh, what beautiful photos. The colours are just spectacular. I love sunsets....and sunsets AND water is a match made in heaven!


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