An Impromptu Photo Shoot

I am always looking to hone my photography skills. So when I came home from work yesterday and saw my neighbor Emily sitting on the back steps with her adorable baby girl, Natalie, I just had to spring into action.

Emily was a willing model and assistant as she engaged Natalie so we could get some cute expressions from her.  She is such a happy baby and she put up with me snapping away in her face. It was obviously not her first photo shoot... nor her last!

Don't you just want to squeeze her? Emily was lamenting that Natalie is growing so fast and she is. It's good to capture these little moments when you can.

Look at all that hair, so curly and wild.  It stands up like a mohawk and is so soft and fun to play with.

And if that isn't a cherubic face I don't know what is. Her gaze is intent.  I wonder what she's thinking? Probably crazy lady behind the camera!

What is more endearing than a baby's smile? Wish I knew what she found so amusing.

Oh I see, Mommy's hand is the source of contentment. Mother/daughter shots are the best aren't they?

Standing isn't her forte yet, she needs a little help. But she's working on it.

She does however, have the happy dance down pat. Future ballerina, perhaps?

We were joined by another family member.  Meet Murphy, the family dog.

Murphy is quite the handsome guy. I love his name because I had a dog named Murphy when I was young too.  Murphy is a sweetie.

Murphy gives Natalie a little nuzzle. She doesn't mnd at all.

And then Natalie reciprocates with a hug and a kiss. Murphy is content just to sit and protect his family. He is the man of the house when Dad is at work.

Natalie is getting shy and/or tired. I can tell the photo shoot is coming to an end.

Just one last parting shot and a smile from Mom and daughter. An obvious bond between the two.

Goodbye sweet girl, don't grow up too fast. I want another photo shoot! I am definitely going to need another Natalie fix.


gorgeous baby girl
Benny & Lily
Awww what a cutie pie...gotta love those cute baby curls. Happy weekend!
Robin Larkspur said…
Oh goodness, what a dreamy little girl, love that hair, and that sweet little face. her mom is gorgeous too. And with a friend like Murphy, she is a lucky little baby. Great photos!!!
Natalie is a doll! Very photogenic, but aren't all babies?! You did a wonderful job, don't you love how blogging also opens up the world of photography?

Happy Saturday!


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