Feelin the Love

Today is my birthday. Usually I take a vacation day and do something fun but since I just started my new job on June 4th I thought I should just work. I like to make a birthday trip to Rockport and I still may do that but not today.

It was a good day at work. No one there knew it was my birthday and that's just fine with me. I like them but since I have only been there two weeks it's not enough time to form work friendships. At least not for me.

Birthday wishes flooded in from the people at my former bank. So thank you to John and Dom for nice birthday emails. John even called me to make sure I knew he sent a birthday email! And Leticia for singing Happy Birthday to me in Spanish. And Maria for a very sweet voice mail message. And Jen and Jayne for lovely birthday text messages.

Thanks to Jeanne for inviting me for a breakfast smoothie and Jayn for having lunch with me today. Jayn sent me an honest to goodness real birthday card which I received on my actual birthday. Kudos Jayn!

And to Debbi for calling me today. And Kim for buying me a birthday cappuccino last night.

To the 21 Facebook friends who sent birthday wishes.

My sister bought lobster BLTS for dinner tonight. We had a family dinner, Dad and Sheila and me.

Work was good too.  I had 3 loan closings from my old bank and got 1 new application for my new job.

Dad and Mom gave me a lovely card, some $$$ and a laptop travel kit. Sheila is designing a business card for me. ( It has to do with photography). Mary is baking my favorite goodies for me so I can freeze them and enjoy them later. Don is helping me organize my downstairs room and set up a home office.

And then there was a perfect ending to my birthday. I went to visit my Mom at the nursing home tonight and most of you know her speech was severely impaired due to a stroke. I asked her to sing Happy Birthday to me and she shook her head no. I waited a while and asked again and she said no. So when I was leaving I said, "Last chance to sing me Happy Birthday".  And then it came out, "Happy Birthday to You!" she sang it with a sweet smile on her face.  Made my day.


Joya and Bill Lord said…
Happy Birthday Elaine! May you enjoy the love of family and friends and all the happiness that comes your way!
Salmagundi said…
Happy Birthday to you! A great ending with your Mom!!!! My Dad was in the nursing home for 4 years after a stroke, and never said another word. It was sad as he was such a talker before, and had so many stories to tell. Enjoy the weekend. Sally
Robin Larkspur said…
Belated birthday Greetings! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. What a blessing about your mom.
Wishing you a very happy birthday week. Hope it was happy, sounds like it was. Wishing you luck at your new job.
Happy belated birthday Elaine. How sweet of your mother.
Fifi Flowers said…
HAPPY belated birthday... hope it was FAB!
kay Ellen said…
I am very late in the popping over to the blog...but Happy Birthday!!

I hope you had a blessed day!

Enjoy the 4th!

God Bless our great country!

Kay Ellen

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