cats and lamps

What is it with cats and lamps? Do they deliberately want to knock them over for sport?
Or do they just want to toy with me? Maybe they really have no intention of harming any lamp.

This lamp has been moved three times. It is actually too big for the tea chest where it sits in this photo.

You can just imagine this lamps fate.

Even in her pre-condo days, Molly was drawn to lamps. Oh how I miss my screened balcony!
Molly misses it too.

This lamp by my bedside was removed because a cat who will not be named persisted on
jumping on this table to gain entrance to the bed.

This seemed to be the safest place for this beauty of a lamp. Sadly, Oscar knocked it over and it
no longer works but it is still pretty.

They may look innocent but don't fall for it. They are vicious lamp killers.


Love the header
Benny & Lily
Anonymous said…
They're just seeking enlightenment, like the rest of us.
val said…
oh my gosh, that is funny...but...sad tioo since they kill them!
I had no idea! I love the last photo!
Donna said…
I feel your pain, Elaine!! I posted about Baby knocking over one of a pair of mid-century lamps I had, smashing it to smithereens! Gotta love them though, huh? haha... Donna
"vicious lamp killers"...hysterical

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