Wedding Wow Factor- Live Event Painting

It occured to me that I have not posted one of my sister's live event paintings in a while.
This is the latest completed project.

For those of you who haven't read the other posts, my sister has a business as a live event painter.
She takes her easel and supplies and she paints the event as it takes place before her. She calls it the Wedding Wow Factor.

Most of her business is for weddings but she would also attend and paint at any type of special occasion.  As you can see, she not only paints the bride and groom but the surroundings as well. She tries to get as much done as possible at the event and then puts the finishing touches to it in her studio.

I really like the cake in this painting. Imagine painting all the guests! She spends time making sure she has added all the minute details to the painting.

Many of her clients are family members of the bride or groom who wish to give a unique gift to the couple. And it is very unique, there are not many artists who do this type of work.

If you would like a live event painting for your special event, you can email me and I will pass on the inquiry. I like to keep track of the inquires received from my blog posts.

And I will be in touch with my creative side tomorrow as I have been hired to photograph a First Communion in East Boston and the reception afterwards in Cambridge. I am looking forward to it.


Salmagundi said…
Such a great talent, and a wonderful gift for the bride and groom. Your photos have the same sense of detail -- it must run in the family!!! Sally

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