A Joyful Celebration

I had the pleasure of photographing a friend's daughter's First Communion last Sunday.
I love to shoot family celebrations. It's always fun for me.

If I can capture the joy of the day I feel I have done my job. I take some posed shots of course but it's those little moments that are unexpected that make for the best photos. And how can you take a bad shot when your subject is a beautiful little girl?

I asked her if she minded having her picture taken and she said, "No".  She would live to
regret that statement six hours and 450 photos later.

Her mom on the other hand was thrilled and I'd like to quote her text message to me this morning.

She wrote: These pictures are sooo awesome. I can't stop looking at them!!! You need to do this more- I never thought cookies and candles could look so pretty. And you definitely got more than one money shot.

I joked with her about the money shots. You know, what shots were the must haves of the day. They were shots of her daughter smiling, a shot of her daughter and son smiling, some photos of the church and  that was about it.

The church was beautiful. Lots of gleaming marble.  The altar was really grand. I really do not like the look of modern churches. I prefer the more traditional look like this church.

The brother and sister shot.

A pensive mood before the ceremony.

I am so happy I got a photo of the father doing a reading.  He wasn't in many shots and he was just fine with that.

Our First Communion girl's favorite color is pink so the priests wore their pink robes just for her special day.

I wish I had moved a few inches to my right for this shot.   I had to walk a fine line when photographing this religious event. I did not want to be intrusive or disrespectful.

Two proud grandmothers were in attendance to share in the celebration.

The priests happily posed after the ceremony. They attended the reception too!

I loved these table markers. Each one had the name of a Saint.

All of the cookies for the reception were made by aunts and cousins and friends.

So much love for one special little girl.  I was truly blessed to witness and photograph the day.


Salmagundi said…
Beautiful shots - that little girl is a cutie! Sally

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