Join me in a spot of tea?

Yesterday, I went with a friend for tea in Rockport. Hmm, afternoon tea and Rockport, two of my
favorite things.  We went to Heath's Tearoom. We had wanted to visit this tearoom for a while and now that I have some time off we decided to make the trip.

The presentation of our afternoon tea was lovely. I could not believe how much food we received!  Six tea sandwiches each.

And three desserts each. They were all delicious. I especially liked the lemon one.

The scones were warm from the oven. Oh the smell was divine! I always put lemon curd on one half of the scone and strawberry jam on the other half. I topped it off with clotted cream.

The tea sandwiches were delicious.  Egg salad on one, cucumber, ham salad and I think the other was
chicken. I devoured them!

Small bites for the sweets. A perfect size after the scone and sandwiches. I think one of the cookies had ginger in it. I should have asked what everything was. They said if we came back with the group we could select our own menu. And we do plan to come back with our tea group. We had to check it out first to make sure it was up to tea group standards.  We are very particular when it comes to selecting a place for a tea event.

I am happy to say the Heath Tearoom passed the test. Delicious food, friendly service and a lovely
atmosphere. We had a wonderfully relaxing experience.

There were customers eating lunch as well. I could smell the shepherd's pie the people next to us had ordered. It was served in a ramekin and it looked delicious!

After our tea, we explored Rockport. That's for another post.
If you're in the Rockport area, stop by Heath's Tearoom at 43 South St, Rockport. 


This looks like it was so much fun! Who needs lunch when you have all these treats with your tea? I'd love to see the spread when your whole group goes!

Young at Heart said…
ooh how utterly delicious...there's not much I won't do for a scone with jam and cream.....lemon curd sounds like an excellent addition!!
What a wonderful tea! This looked like such an enjoyable setting.
Anonymous said…
This is a really pretty place for tea. I was happy to see that they had already listed it on Great Tearooms of America

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