Exploring the coast

After we went to the tearoom we explored Rockport.  I wanted to check out some new areas.
I always go down to Bearskin Neck and the dock by Motif No 1 so I decided to check out
some spots off the beaten path.

We found a path to the side of an inn and walked down it to see what we could find.
We found such vibrant colored flowers and a small pond and stairs used for horses way back when.

A lovely beach was across the street and this father and son enjoyed some time alone.
When I was a kid I always liked looking for shells, starfish and beach glass while walking along the shore.

The day was overcast then sunny then overcast. The weather couldn't make up it's mind.
No matter every day is a good day in Rockport.

We walked around some of the small streets across from the beach and stumbled upon this cute cottage. It looks like it was cut in half. Where is the other half?

There was a very old cemetery with irises bordering it.

And beach roses or rosa ragusa as well. We stopped to smell the roses and the fragrance was heavenly.

This little watch dog came to greet us as we walked down the street.

We saw some bearded iris in a fantastic color.

And more iris with a chippy fence as a backdrop.

The houses are old and painted in cool colors. What a great deck on the back and a not too shabby view of the Atlantic.

I love when it's overcast.

On the drive home, I took the scenic route versus taking the highway. I snapped this shot in Gloucester while waiting for the drawbridge to come down.

Another moody sky.  I love it!


That little house does look like part of it is missing! And I adore the little westie. What a great day for you.

My hope is that I'll make it to Rockport one day this week to photograph out of the way spots like you did. We'll see how things play out.
I love all of your photos, particularly the one of the father and son at the shore and the house with its deck looking at the ocean! I will be dreaming about living in that house tonight ;)
Fete et Fleur said…
What a lovely time and the places you visited. I have so many fond memories of my visits back east and this brought post brought them all to mind. I'm so excited for all the changes coming your way. Wishing you all the best in your new job.

Unknown said…
I'm sure that place is good to be explore, it's really beautiful place to be with your family and friends :D

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Rebecca said…
I love, love, love Rockport. :)

I came by to visit the other day...and you were, gone -- literally. What's the scoop? :)

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