Elaine has left the building

Last Friday I left my job of nearly 20 years. The final conclusion of an emotional roller coaster of a week. The months leading up to my departure were tough. I must have changed my mind at least once a day as to whether I should leave or not, but, in the end I know I made the right decision.

My job search did not take as long as expected. I interviewed with three companies and the one that I liked best also liked me best. I will be the first hire in a new department so this is exciting. I will learn from them and they will learn from me.  I start on June 4th.

It was incredibly hard to say goodbye. Anyone who works in the same office every day knows that you spend more time with your coworkers than your family. I knew everything about my coworkers, about their kids, boyfriends, what food was their favorite, how they take their coffee, and what they did on their weekends. 20 years on the job means you share incredible highs and lows, death and illness, and plenty of happy moments and laughs. In many ways, they were an extension of my family. So it was difficult to face the fact that I had to give up all that love.

Now the hard part is over. I cleaned out my office, turned in my laptop and said my goodbyes.
I've got 3 weeks to prepare my home office, get my wardrobe in order and get in shape before I
start my new job.

 Elaine has left the building.


Kay Ellen said…
How exciting a new chapter in your life!
I am sure it was really tough saying goodbye..but it sounds like this is a wonderful change for you too!


How brave you are Elaine. Good luck and let us know how everything is going once you are settled.
Good luck Elaine! Since you made the decision to leave you must have done it for a very good reason. Change can be good...on to a new life adventure!~Hugs, Patti
Robin Larkspur said…
Much good look in your new career. This sounds exciting for you and I know your kitties will love having you around for three weeks!!! Enjoy the time off.
Salmagundi said…
Good luck to you! Change is always hard, but is often so what a person needs. Enjoy your time at home! Sally
Good luck, that sure is very hard to do...Some buddy said when one door closes another oneopens
Benny & Lily
Sweet Sage said…
Here's to new beginnings...
Wishing you a peaceful transition.
Rebecca said…
Aha -- now that I scrolled down, I now see what has happened. Change is GOOD. Change is scary - but it's usually worth the risk.

I too, was at a job for a long time, 16 years - and you are so right; it's your second home, and your co workers are your second dysfunctional family, who you love - but would love smaller doses of at times! ;)

I for one will miss you personally - and professionally! But at least we have the blogs... ;)

Rebecca :)

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