Those quirky kitties

Never a dull moment in my household. Sometimes it's like having 3 kids, toddlers at that.  There's Oscar about to steal my shoe.

And Percy is where he shouldn't be. I've told him a hundred times not to sleep on the cable box.

Obviously Molly is copping a catitude. She's giving me her backside. She must not have liked something I said. It's probably about the late hours she's been keeping.

And Percy thinks he's King. He thinks he's the boss of me but he's not.

When I see them all in the same room together I think 3 cats is a lot.  But I can handle it. Most days.


Deb said…
My plan was to have 3 cats. I dunno! Love your photos....mostly the last one. Lovely!
Fete et Fleur said…
I think Percy may be in love with your stack tables. He knows a good thing when he sees it.

The kitties look like so much fun.

so cute...what are you guys planning?
Benny & Lily
Your kitties are so sweet and beautiful, Elaine. All of them look very well cared for. When we had 3 cats I didn't think it was to much, but my husband did. Maybe it was because we had 2 dogs also. You think?
Kay Ellen said…
Well,....I love all three of your kitty kiddos...but Percy has my attention this post :))
What a cutie!!

Have a wonderful weekend...!

Off to bed for me, I am speaking at an event tomorrow! Exciting but need some shut eye:))

They are beautiful! I give you credit, that's why Duke is an only child! LOL!!! We thought of a 2nd dog . . . but I don't think I have the patience for it. They are a lot of work, but I wouldn't trade him for anything! Pets are wonderful, especially when they make us smile, which is every day!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for your visit to my corner of the world. I can see you are a cat lover, too. Percy, Oscar and Molly are beautiful! Jingles is our indoor kitty. Then I have outdoor kitty who lives in our stairwell. And the new black Persian who showed up yesterday but will have to be taken to the shelter. Jingles is not very accepting of others in her territory. I also feed about 5 street cats every day. The shelters are overwhelmed and most of these cats are feral so can't actually get close to them. But they wait for me every morning to feed them so they know who I am. It's funny when I am driving down the street and they see my car and start chasing it home so they can have a meal. Poor kitties! Have a great week. Tammy
Donna said…
Elaine, are you SURE Percy's not the boss of you? I deny that Baby is my boss, but deep down I think she and I both know the truth! haha I just loved seeing all the kitties and your home is just soooo beautiful! Enjoy this beautiful weather today!... D

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