Daytrip to Exeter, New Hampshire

I had a free Saturday so I decided to go to Exeter, New Hampshire. I love the town and there's great shopping there so off I went. 

I took so many photos I will need to do two posts,  This post is about a new store I discovered on Water Street called Reminisce.

Reminisce is a beautiful shop filled with many lovely items. I was of course drawn to the teacups and china plates. In fact, I purchased some plates. I promise to show them to you in another post.

I had a nice conversation with the owner. She worked as the manager of furniture design shop for nearly 20 years. The shop went out of business and she decided to pursue her dream of owning a shop.

At an age when many people are considering retirement, this woman is starting a new venture.
I find that admirable and very cool!

The owner told me she has always shopped flea markets and estate sales so she has the perfect vehicle for displaying her finds.

She carries some vintage clothing too. This sweet dress is from France.

I did like this teacup but I found some china plates that I liked better.

She sells furniture too.  Of course she does, her background is in furniture.

Another lovely set of dishes and I loved these glasses in such a pretty lavender shade.

A gold teapot and yes that is my reflection.  Such a nice selection of tea items!

As I said the china pieces were stunning. I was proud of my self control.  This is just the type of shop
that would cause me to spend my entire paycheck.

The owner of the shop noticed a crack in the wall and she asked a local artist to paint a nest in the crack.  Can you see the original crack?

The artist's work was fantastic. It reminds me of a Marjolein Bastin work. Marjolein paints wonderful
nature themed greeting cards.

And a bird graces another section of the wall. Taking flight and a leap of faith just like the owner of  Reminisce. You can find Reminisce at 109 Water St, Exeter, New Hampshire.


Kay Ellen said…
Looks like a pretty shop Elaine:))
Love the teapots!

Kay Ellen
I have yet to go in that shop! Looks like a good one though. Exeter is such a wonderful little town. I wish I'd known you would be there as I would have enjoyed meeting up again. I live only 5 minutes away.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Elaine
Firstly sorry I've taken so long to visit.. I have become the slackest blogger these days..

Well loving these shots of bits and bobs and then got to the crack in the wall.. how fantastic!! How ingenious.. I truly love it...

Hope you have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous items in this shop! Love the nest painted into the different! I would have browsed forever...thanks for sharing!
I must take a trip to Exeter very soon. Fun post with interesting photos.

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