The Art of Antiquing in Exeter

This post is a continuation of my last post about my daytrip to Exeter, New Hampshire.  I went to my favorite antique store in Exeter, Art N Tiques. This store is so interesting and packed to the gills with the coolest stuff. If you like to rummage, this is your happy place!

I have a blast when I go there. This was my third time visiting and it did not disappoint. I absolutely love to pick through the piles of "treasures".

This time there were lots of boxes and pieces for storage like trunks and vintage suitcases. Be still my heart! I love finding unique ways to store stuff!

This is Charlie, he is Linda the shop owner's dog.  He has to be the sweetest gentlest dog I've ever met.  Charlie was a rescue dog but Linda says she didn't rescue Charlie he rescued her. I think they rescued each other as Linda loves Charlie and Charlie clearly adores Linda.

Oh yes, the vintage suitcases I mentioned earlier.

Frames, yes!  See that gold one in the front? It came home with me and
I have big plans for that. I'm thinking someone can do something to it for
me and it would make a lovely birthday gift!

This is Linda's section of pieces she uses for her art. She doesn't sell these pieces
because many of them are broken and she repurposes them in her art. She invited me to
her show which will be in August in Amesbury.

Here is one of Linda's creations.

Linda obtained some old high school band uniforms . 

This is the jacket from the band uniform. Linda describes it as Sgt Pepper meets Civil War General.
Another thing I love about Linda is her sense of humor.

I know you are dying to know what I bought at this cool store. Well, my big prize was this antique typewriter from 1910. I honed right in on this baby the minute I walked in the store.  It now sits on my hallway table. I'll take a better shot another time.  I also bought a pair of very old skates and the aforementioned frame.  Yes, I did good. Linda asked if I had a shop because I always pick out the most interesting things. I am flattered by that comment.

I hope your travels will take you to Exeter, New Hampshire. When in town stop by Art N Tiques and say hello to Linda and Charlie!


Salmagundi said…
What fun and unusual things. Wish I lived closer. Love the typewriter!! Sally
The typewriter is awesome and I love the frame. This looks like a fantastic shop! I fell in love with a few things!

Hope all is well with you. Are you having good weather? Cold and rainy here.

Art and Sand said…
I read your comment on Raised in Cotton and was intrigued to read you blog. Your photographs are lovely eye candy - just the sort of thing I love to look at.

I blog selfishly - to get ideas and to get me in action. I always say " I should do, make, change, etc, that". I find that after blogging - started in January- I am more motivated to get to my list of shoulda, wants, etc.

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