Architectural detail love

I must say I do love architectural detail. If I'm driving and I spy a really ornate house I have to either stop the car to get a better look or I make note of the street for a future visit.

The other day I took a little walking tour of Winchester, it's not too far from where I live but oh so much more affluent.

This house caught my eye because of it's color and the beautiful detail at it's entrance.

Here's a closer look at the porch railing.. Love the colors.

And the trim is just magnificent. So elegant and historic looking.

This is called dental work I think and it adds some interest to the roof line.

I love a nice balcony.  This one is obviously more for show than function. Aren't those cool windows?

I've always wanted a home with turrets. It must be so beautiful on the inside too.  Maybe it has a curved window seat.

I'm into archways too. They add such grace to an entrance or porch. I would love to add some archways to my condo.

Oh yeah, another turret. Can you believe all these homes are within walking distance of each other?
What a neighborhood!

The front of the houses is pretty terrific too!

More lovely windows and cool architectural details. I like the color too.

Don't you adore stained glass windows? This home was obviously restored. I am glad they kept the stained glass windows.

As I walked around the neighborhood,  I was being watched! Can you see a little face in the window?

Ooh, more interesting mouldings and fab windows. What a joy to see so many gorgeous homes!

Again, my little kitty friend's home. Tudor style.

A rooftop deck and a solarium? Some people are so lucky, aren't they?

And lots going on here. Pillars, gables, color. I love it all.

A closeup of the entryway.

Interesting mini roof. Love the bay windows on the second floor too. Or do they call them bump outs?

Whatever they're called. They certainly caught my eye. My kitties would love sitting there looking out at the world below.

Gee we went from a Tudor style home a few photos back to a Spanish influence. That's what I love about New England, the older homes have variety and character. No cookie cutter homes in this neighborhood.

I don't even mind the pink color on this house. It kinds of suits it.

I know you wanted to see what the front looked like.

And this home reminds me of homes in Salem that are centuries old.

A chimney surrounding a stained glass window.  I am glad they didn't cover it up.

I love this porch, pretty detail and colors.

Same house but looking at the second floor. Cool scroll work, huh?

A bit of a chalet look to this one. I like the little window in the roof and the snow effect.

Here it is in close up.

This is one of my favorite houses.  Not wild about the color though.

This is one of the houses I would definitely stop the car to view.

Don't you love that cupola?

All the homes in the neighborhood were well kept.  As I walked around, I saw lots of houses getting some TLC.

I think this is one of my favorites as it reminds me of my beloved Gothic cottages in Martha's Vineyard.

It certainly looks like a gingerbread cottage.

Stained glass windows and scroll work, divine!

Here's the last home I viewed.  Love the architectural detail around the doorway. So pretty against the red door. This home was very old but well preserved

I hope you enjoyed your walking tour of Winchester.  Do you have a favorite home?


Kay Ellen said…
Pretty charming details :)
I love old architecture too!

Kay Ellen
Anne said…
So beautiful! Lovely blog; I'm a new follower!
Anne ♥♥
Robin Larkspur said…
My goodness, gorgeous! Loved your walking tour. Wouldn't it be nice if the builders of new homes would look at these wonderful old homes and take note of the Pride of craftmanship, architectural details and character that makes a house unique. Apparently cookie cutter homes are the standard.
Janet said…

Thanks for the tour; the homes are gorgeous. BTW the bump out/upstairs bays are called oriel windows. Just some of my esoteric/not much use knowledge :)

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