What the appraiser saw

An appraiser came out to do an evaluation of my condo today. I am trying to refinance my mortgage to a lower rate. It all depends on the value. If the value comes in high enough I'll save more than $150  a month. with the new loan.

He was almost clinical in his approach. "I'm going to walk around and do a sketch of the property and then take some notes" he said. He also took some photos and asked a few questions like when was the unit renovated and are there any major projects coming up?

What he thinks is valuable is not what I value the most. Like the souvenir from a trip with my sister in Kennebunkport that sits on that bookcase or the poster on the wall from my friend Pauline.

He looked at the dining room which was a living room for the previous owner. I look at the room and see my grandmother's china cabinet and all the teacups I've collected over the years.

He snapped a shot of the bathroom.

He looked at the hallway and I pointed out a closet.

He looked around the kitchen and the ceramic tile floor.  He didn't notice the bistro set my parents bought me as a birthday gift a few years before my mother's stroke.

He made note of the granite countertops, the maple cabinets and stainless steel appliances.
He did not notice the tea towel, a gift frrom my friend Karen or the antique label I had framed that hangs over the sink.

He noted that there was a pantry and in unit laundry. He did not know the calamity of the washer/dryer installation.

Snapping the photo of the bedroom, he definitely did not notice the Rachel Ashwell comforter from Target. Or the bed that I've had for 17 years which was originally assembled by my friend Joanne's husband Roy. Joanne died in 2006.

I doubt he took a photo of these military chests, I bought the top one at an Estate Sale and the bottom one I found at the side of the road.

I don't even think he noticed the cats.  Molly was hiding under the nesting tables in the living room.

Percy was hiding behind the birdcage.  Oh Percy, we can see you! Percy does not like strangers in the house.

Oscar was hiding on a chair under the dining room table.

Later, Molly decided a cat nap was in order after all the excitement. She settled in on a chair in the living room which used to be a bedroom.

Percy was tired too and he sprawled on the cool hardwood floor in the dining room.

I sure hope the appraiser gives my condo a proper value to make the loan work.

I've only lived here 3 1/2 years but to me this condo is more than granite countertops and hardwood floors.  I don't really think I can put a value on it.


Your home is beautiful! We see the love in your home, even if the appraiser didn't! Don't worry, I'm sure your appraisal will come back high!
Robin Larkspur said…
A beautiful wealth of love in your home, from all your treasured things, to the darling kitties. Good luck, I hope all works out the way you want. And truly your home is gorgeous, I love it!
Anonymous said…
The problem for this will be the washer has a hard shut off built in you will need to tap a line below the spigot to feed the utility sinks with it’s own shut offs. The concern will be the venting too.
Salmagundi said…
You are so right about value. Good luck. Sally
You really can't put a value on memories. You have a lovely home with many special things.
Such a sweet and lovely blog. Your blog captured the essence of a true home. Interesting to see it through the eyes of love and through the eyes of a clinical appraiser. Good luck with the loan.
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Elaine your home is lovely, as always! Seldom do others see the things that really mean the most to us.

We too are about to have an appraisal as we are refinancing our mortgage. Unfortunately we won't be saving much on our monthly payment but we will be cutting some time off.

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